Ghost Of Tsushima Director Reveals What's Going On With The Movie

Ghost Of Tsushima Director Reveals What's Going On With The Movie
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22nd Dec 2021 15:12

We're used to video game movies being child's play at this point, but recently, it looks as though it's taking a more mature turn. A full horror take on Resident Evil on the big screen, Tom Holland's take on Nathan Drake in Uncharted, and finally, a new movie adaptation on the RPG surprise of the last few years, Ghost of Tsushima.

Video game movies haven't exactly had a great track record, and you'd be forgiven if you were at least a little sceptical in the wake of Super Mario Bros and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - but the film seems to be in safe hands, that have assured fans the project will not be a rushed job.

What's Going On With The Ghost Of Tsushima Movie?

Ghost Of Tsushima Director Reveals What's Going On With The Movie
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Luckily enough for us, it looks like Ghost of Tsushima's silver screen turn isn't just going to be rushed out for money. Director Chad Stahelski (who previously directed the John Wick trilogy of films) suggested to IGN on the red carpet of The Matrix: Resurrections that the film will be in the works for some time, but it'll be all the better for it.

Though the team are yet to finalise the script for the film, Stahelski has said "You know how video game adaptations can go. So we're taking our time and doing it right. We're working very closely with the game developers to make sure we stick to what's great about it." Phew.

This is definitely good news after the many poor video game adaptations in the past, and even though the film was already in good hands with such a talented action director, there was still plenty of reason to worry - but not any more, it seems.

Will The Voice Of Jin Return In Ghost Of Tsushima's Movie?

There has also been a lot of wonder as to whether the voice of Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist Jin Sakai, Daisuke Tsuje, would return for the movie. But it looks like Stahelski knows as much as we do.

When asked about Tsuje's return, Stahelski said "We'll see. We haven't gotten that far yet." It would certainly be nice to see Tsuje return, but either way, with Stahelski at the helm, we're sure the final product is going to be something special.

After the runaway success of the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut and introduction of Iki Island, it's clear this story is more popular than ever. Of all the upcoming movie adaptations of video games on the horizon, Ghost of Tsushima looks to be the most promising - we just hope our confidence isn't misplaced.


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