The org may have been forced to shut down amid COVID-19 pressure

14:04, 04 Apr 2020

Shortly after they finished in North America’s top four for the first time since Season 4, Ghost Gaming’s Rocket League team has left the organisation amongst a huge wave of departures from the American brand.

Over the last week, many of Ghost’s staff and players announced that their time with the org was over, including Fortnite star Aydan and Head of Scouting Skoal, prompting rumours that the current COVID-19 crisis had forced the org to shut down.

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Ghost’s Twitter account has also been inactive recently, with their last tweet coming during their Rocket League team’s run in the RLCS Regional Championship. Yesterday, they were replaced by Radiance in the Smite Pro League after Hi-Rez determined that Ghost “would not be able to continue to participate in the SPL”. As well as this, Allushin and mist have also removed any mention of Ghost from their twitter bios.

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After finishing top six in the Season 4 World Championship, Ghost’s Rocket League team struggled to replicate their debut season, finishing just outside of North America’s LAN spots for four seasons in a row. Although they were finally able to crack the top four thanks to a strong Regionals performance, the lack of LAN play means that they have once again missed out on the World Championship.

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