Let's hear it for the girls

12:45, 30 Jul 2020

Generation Esports (GenE) and Lost Tribe Esports (LTE) have joined forces to promote women in esports and are once again working together to push the industry forward.

This isn't the first time GenE and LTE have worked together, with the pair previously hosting tournaments for Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, NBA 2K20, Madden 20, Minecraft Survival Games, and GamePigeon 8-Ball. The latest endeavour saw them buddy up and GenE sponsor LTE's GamePigeon 8-Ball Tournament on July 28. 



Women In Esports

With LTE being a Jewish organisation, it's another big step as it's the first time GenE's online tournament platform has allowed a religious organisation to be part of it. The main aim is to "improve the visibility of female esports players in their early teens and those in varsity leagues". Schools that are partnered with GenE can now grant credit to STEM.org accredited programmes and LTE will give "Jewish community organisations a compelling presence in the digital space". 

Darlene ChaniMaya Postma, Special Projects Producer at Generation Esports, said in a press release, "Young gamers and esports competitors who are just beginning their online presence through video games and social media are at an especially important time in their lives where they must learn how to treat their peers". She continued, "As a community-focused organisation, it’s our privilege and responsibility to host a safe platform for our members, and by aligning with organisations like Lost Tribe Esports which shares those same values, we believe we can make a difference within this industry". 

Women In Esports

Timing couldn't be better given worrying allegations of misogyny and sexual harassment against women. Where the esports industry was once dominated by men, there's been a steady rise of female players and all-female teams. 

Even if this is a move in the right direction, there's still a huge gender gap in esports. A recent survey found a massive pay divide where male esports players earn 6,863% more than their female counterparts. There are positive steps being taken like DreamHack's all-female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Showdown Tournament Series and the popularity of League of Legends' Team Singularity. 

GenE and LTE could pave the way for more big companies to join forces and promote women in esports.

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