Celebrating one of the most genuine players in the Overwatch League

21:00, 02 Jul 2020

Young-jin "Gamsu" Noh is currently the starting main tank for the Dallas Fuel, but if you have been following his career from earlier than this season, you know he’s been a bedrock performer for his entire career. Gamsu is a player that might be looked over in terms of individual moments or flashy plays but that has never been his style. Much like his own personality, Gamsu has proven himself to be a dependable, reliable, and an incredibly adept main tank, with great ability in making connections with both English speaking and Korean speaking players. He’s integral to the culture of not only his team but to the Overwatch League, and in that aspect, he comes across as one of the most unique, genuine, and upstanding players Overwatch has. He’s the best all-around package in the Overwatch League smart, communicable, and a great competitor.


Gamsu is as distinctive as he is indistinctive, his playstyle and overall philosophy as a player is to play for the team. A lot of the more popular main tanks are well known for their individual playmaking and maybe even a little sprinkling of ego. More standout names like Super, OGE, Gator, and SADO come to your mind when you think of the best tanks in the league, who are known for those standout individual performances, putting in those high damage and kill stats in their careers, and making statements while doing so. Not to say, of course, these players don’t rely on or work with their teammates, but Gamsu’s playstyle is a foundation for his teammates to play around with, he’s not the one who’s going to be using the most resources.

His method works. On the Inaugural Season Boston Uprising, he was the main tank of the first team to go loss-less in a stage, and he was a core member of the 2019 Shanghai Dragons’ incredible run in Stage 3 Finals. He’s no slouch in the stats department either, staying in the top ten of main tanks in eliminations, final blows, and hero damage all-time, and in 2020 he’s keeping in line with his counterparts by staying in the top ten of most stat categories on Orisa. Even if the Fuel isn’t doing so hot this season, I would say that Gamsu continues to be a consistent performer on the team, as he has been throughout his career.

Nevertheless, his noteworthiness extends even further beyond mechanical skill, as one of his biggest talents is being bilingual, serving as the bridge for two different mixed rosters in the Overwatch League. While being interviewed for GGRecon, he mentioned a little about how that continues to be his role on the Fuel, “I mostly focus on the communication between Korean and western players, because not everyone speaks English very well”. He motivates all of his teammates in-game, and in an interview with OGN in APEX Season 3 acknowledged this by saying “.. I want to become a player who makes the team happy to play the game with me”.

Gamsu Overwatch


Outside of the game, Gamsu also really shines as a personality in Overwatch esports. If the majority of gamers love dogs and cats, then Gamsu’s Twitter is the hottest ticket in town. Self-proclaimed father of the Shepard mix Uni and Bengal cat Baba, he regularly posts pictures of them on their day-to-day, constantly blessing the timeline with some of the cutest critters in the esport.  

It’s also not just his pets, but he’s pretty open with sharing pictures and videos on his relationships with other Overwatch players. If nothing else, just seeing the genuine interactions and getting a different look at these individuals outside of the game, does a lot for getting audiences and fans to connect with the league, it gives people something to cheer for come game time.

It’d admirable to have a pro-player post so much about some of the things in their lives that make them happy. The stress of maintaining at the top of your game can be hard, and when the wins don’t consistently come in, fans normally don’t have a clue as to the headspace or condition of their favourite players. Gamsu makes it so that whether or not his team is having a rough season, fans don’t have to worry, because he always has Uni and Baba to rely on, and so should we.


One of the awards handed at the end of the season is the Dennis Hawelka Award, a commemorative honour that gives recognition to the player with the most positive impact on the community. Celebrating the themes of impact and mentorship, I would say that Gamsu is an individual who lives up to those ideals and who should at least be in the running for being a recipient of that in 2020. In such strenuous times and the amount of heavy adaptation, the league has had to adjust to, the community needs to support one another now more than ever.

Gamsu has always been one to stay positive and to continue being a comforting voice for the Overwatch League community. Regardless of the team you support, Gamsu transcends those boundaries and becomes a figure for the league at large, someone everyone can look up to. Through his consistent play and historical leadership on his teams, to how he never fails to use his social media to spread only positive messages and content, I’d think Gamsu is a shoulder fans can rely on in a time like this.

Overall, Gamsu is a fantastic player who really embodies the best of the Overwatch League. He’s a competitor who always keeps a consistent level and always grinds to play as best as he can, win or lose. A player who fans can look up to because he’ll always be authentic and genuine to you and to himself, while also sharing some incredibly delightful content online.  He’s a great public speaker for both English and Korean speaking audiences and is a lovable personality and face that can appeal to any and all communities. Gamsu is the type of player you want representing you and the Overwatch League because he never fails to do it all.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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