These games are not just similar to Fall Guys and Among Us, they might outperform them.

20:00, 15 Oct 2020

During the quarantine this year, many games have taken the title of smash summer hit. From Animal Crossing to Among Us, many blockbuster games have taken the internet by storm.

Animal Crossing was toppled by Fall Guys in August, only for Fall Guys to get trampled by Among Us in October. Among Us currently sits above its slew of competitors, captivating gamers worldwide with its fun mechanics and exciting gameplay.

Although Among Us is currently doing well, many wonder what the next game to surpass it will be. No one thought that Fall Guys could be pushed out of the limelight until Among Us came around, so many speculate Among Us will inevitably be pushed out, too. Among Us has experienced massive success, but with the next generations console wars about to kick off, many wonder how long that success will last.

Games Like Among Us

This speculation also comes with rumours of which games will overtake Among Us' spot at the top of the video game food chain. Many believe that the next big hit will be a party game or battle royale, much like Fall Guys. Others speculate that the next big hit might be multiplayer and co-op focused.

As of the writing of this article, Among Us still remains the current most popular title in the gaming sphere. Any game that surpasses it will have to be as replayable, dynamic, and fun as Among Us is. With current preferences in gameplay and style in mind, the following list explores what games seem to be most likely to take Among Us' spot as the most popular game of 2020.

5. Jackbox Party Pack

Games Like Fall Guys

This title isn't just a single game, rather, it's a set of games - all of which are designed for a group to play. The Jackbox Party Pack is an ongoing series, with seven different instalments as of the writing of this article. Each instalment contains a handful of games, all of which are multiplayer party games with varying themes and mechanics.

These games are short, fun, but also massively replayable. Much of the entertainment in the Jackbox Party Pack comes from the funny and interesting scenarios that friend groups find themselves in whilst playing. This keeps these games consistently fun, as playing them will always yield different results.

In the Jackbox Party Pack 6, for example, there is a game called Push the Button. The game takes place on a space ship that has been overrun by aliens.

Games Like Fall Guys

The aliens can take on the appearance of crew members, making them even more difficult to spot aboard the ship. To solve this problem, the ship's AI, DODE (Digital Officer During Emergencies) has devised a plan. Each crew member must take a series of tests to determine who is human and who is alien. Aliens will be ejected off the ship if they fail the tests; however, there is a time limit for doing so.

Many compare Push the Button to Among Us, as both take place in space, involve a series of tasks, and are both classifiable deception games. Perhaps this game was inspired by Among Us, as it did come out in 2019, whereas Among Us has been in the works on Steam since 2018. Whether Push the Button and the set it is a part of - Jack Box Party Pack 6 - will see the same success as Among Us is uncertain. What is certain, however, is that this entire series of games is fun to pick up and play with friends, which has made it popular as a result.

4. Project Winter

Games Like Fall Guys

If Among Us took place in the frozen North, this might be what it would look like. In Project Winter, The player assumes the role of a member of an eight-person team. The team is trapped in the frozen north with survival as the only goal. There is one small problem, however. There are two traitors amongst your bunch - and they plan to take out everyone else to survive.

In this game, your own teammates aren't your only obstacle - mother nature can also be deadly. Wildlife and weather phenomena can be a player's detriment as they struggle to collect resources and build structures to aid in their survival.

Games Like Among Us

Project Winter puts the player's survival skills to the test, all while adding elements of deception into the mix. Overall, it makes for a fun, collaborative gameplay experience - where taking down teammates seems to be more rewarding than the actual survival aspect of the game.

Despite Project Winter coming out in 2019, it is still being updated by its developers Deep Ocean Games. They have been busy implementing more features that make gameplay more exciting for players. These fixes, along with the already stellar gameplay, make it a worthy competitor for Among Us.

3. Gang Beasts

Games Like Among Us

Developed by Boneloaf and published by Double Fine Productions, Gang Beasts is a melee beat-em-up game starring a cast of floppy characters. These characters bend and bounce like jello whilst moving and fighting, making this game fun to play and even more, fun to watch.

What makes this game even more fun is its fight back mechanic. Unlike other fighting games, Gang Beasts allows players to continue throwing punches even while they are being held down. In fact, players can even release themselves from a player's hold by fighting back against them. This means that the fight isn't truly over until someone gets knocked out.

Games Like Among Us

This game has been out since 2017, but has been recently experiencing a resurgence due to the quarantine and the fading popularity of other multiplayer titles. With games like Among Us and Fall Guys starting to lose their lustre with the general public, it's no surprise people have been experimenting with other games. Gang Beasts is definitely a great game to experiment with - it's floppy, fun, and absolutely unpredictable, making it a smash hit with its players.

2. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Another game that has really taken off over the past few months is Ultimate Chicken Horse. This puzzle-platformer has swept across the Internet due to its replay-ability and utter hilarity. The premise of the game seems simple enough - place items in the level to get to the end.

This concept becomes difficult when a group is factored in, because suddenly it's a fight to be the only finisher. If all players make it to the end, no one is awarded points. If only one person makes it to the top, however, only they are given points. This makes a relatively simple game concept turn into a difficult endeavour, as every game becomes a fight to survive. Not only that, but there is some degree of platforming skill involved, as the winning player's level has to be easy enough for them to get through, but no one else.

Games Like Among Us

Ultimate Chicken Horse has 15 different levels as of the writing of this article. However, the game also allows players to create and share their own levels with their friends, allowing for infinite gameplay possibilities. Clever Endeavour, the developers of Ultimate Chicken Horse, are still working on the game, adding new content and features nearly every month. This has definitely sat well with players, as Ultimate Chicken Horse currently has an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam.

The replay-ability and sheer multiplayer fun of Ultimate Chicken Horse make it a worthy successor to Among Us. Ultimate Chicken Horse has already proven to be massively popular in its years of development, but it still has massive potential to rise up the ranks over the next few months.

1. Party Animals

Games Like Fall Guys

This game might not be out yet, but it's definitely worth mentioning. Developed by Recreate Games, Party Animals is set for a release date sometime in late 2020. The game features adorably floppy animals of all shapes and sizes. The object of Party Animals is to conquer your friends throughout multiple gameplay styles.

As of the writing of this article, only two have been announced - Snatch Squad and Last Stand. Snatch Squad pits players against one another as they fight over an item. Last Stand is a beat-em-up game where the last animal standing wins.

The game features numerous maps and animals to play as. In Party Animals, bunnies, unicorns, dinosaurs, dogs, and cats can all bounce and flop around a fighter jet or submarine. The gameplay options are endless in Party Animals, as the developers seem to have huge plans for the game.

Although the release date is uncertain, many are already starting to get hyped for Party Animals, as it looks to play similarly to Fall Guys, just with an entirely different gameplay style.

The animal characters move around and bounce in a similar fashion, much like Fall Guys do. Stumbling over obstacles and friends seems to be just as fun in Party Animals as it is in Fall Guys. These similarities alone might make it stand out to the gaming public, as many are already looking for alternatives to Fall Guys.

Games Like Fall Guys

The gaming public should definitely keep these games in mind as 2020 draws to a close. With games like Fall Guys and Among Us waning in popularity, it only makes sense that something else will take the crown. The only question is - which game will it be?


Images via Innersloth Studios, Jackbox Games, Deep Ocean Games, Boneloaf Studios, Cleaver Endeavour, and Recreate Games, respectively.

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