Gamer Fumes After Biggest Spider-Man 2 Spoiler Ruined By Streamer

Gamer Fumes After Biggest Spider-Man 2 Spoiler Ruined By Streamer
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Jack Marsh


10th Sep 2021 10:39

While surfing the web for the latest arachnid-fuelled Marvel teaser that has been spun, some fans are furious that a streamer has ruined the toothy surprise that PlayStation kept well under wraps.

During the PlayStation showcase, that listed a number of highly-anticipated titles that will be landing on the next-gen console in the coming years, Insomniac stunned fans by revealing not one, but two, upcoming titles, with the second starting to tingle the senses of Marvel fanatics worldwide. 

After Marvel's Wolverine slashed its way through the showcase in typically sharp fashion, Insomniac continued to reveal a brand-new Spider-Man 2 game that will land in 2023.

Despite the hype around seeing both Miles Morales and Peter Parker teaming up to take down New York City's most fearsome antagonists, some fans are furious that a streamer has ruined the biggest surprise of the trailer with a YouTube thumbnail.

Venom, arguably Spidey's most formidable foe of the last decade, is licking his mutant chops at the chance of slithering out of his toxic cave to feast on a duo of luscious web-spinning heroes, and was revealed in a mere lightning strike at the end of the trailer.

As the most surprising element of the 2023 arrival, on YouTube chose to spoil the fun for everyone browsing the inter-web for the trailer, by focusing his thumbnail on the split-second look at Venom.

One other fan also said: "I've had to start avoiding YouTube after shows I enjoy because of s**t like this, spoiling character deaths and whatnot. I can understand if stuff is months old but seriously, don't put spoilers in thumbnails or video titles."

Albeit with a sour taste of poison in their mouths, Venom's comeback to the gaming Spidey-verse is one that will likely go down a treat, and will give us all a lot of action to sink our teeth into.

Spider-Man 2 will land in 2023, following the release of Wolverine.


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