League of Legends fans had noticed a Umbral Glaive glitch which has now been patched.

17:16, 15 Oct 2020

When it comes to esports, the League of Legends World Championships is the pinnacle. It pits the most competitive teams and organisations in the world against each other in a month-long battle of skill, patients, and hunger to see who can be crowned the champions of the biggest event in esports.

Alike other championships, the game has to be running as smooth as possible, in order to have complete competitive integrity. Despite Riot Games putting their utmost efforts into having the cleanest version of the game possible, one game-changing bug slipped through the net and affected the group stage tiebreaker between Suning Gaming and G2 Esports.

The bug lies with the Umbral Glaive, which wasn't playing fairly with the plants in and around Summoners Rift. When plants had been hit with the Umbral Glaive they failed to respawn, meaning that there were fewer areas in the maps that obscured visibility. 

The bug was pointed out on Reddit, and whilst it wasn't the sole reason G2 knocked Suning out, it was still a contributing factor.

An insane bug that needs to be fixed before the Knockout Stage from r/leagueoflegends

Riot Games has been quick to act though, rolling out a micro patch on the game ahead of the first quarterfinals fixture between DAMWON Gaming and DRX this morning. League of Legends' Lead Game Designer, Mark Yetter, confirmed this morning that the fix will be implemented in the Worlds build for the rest of the tournament.

With the Umbral Glaive being increasingly popular for Junglers and Supports, the bug may have continued to affect games if the eagle-eyed viewers hadn't picked up on this. There were three days of action since the bug was first noticed in the Group A tiebreaker, although it has not yet been found to have caused any further problems.

With hope, Summoners Rift is now glitch-free for the remainder of the event.


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Image via Riot Games

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