Will the Mid and Bot laners be swapping heading into the new year?

17:06, 13 Dec 2019

Last year, G2 Esports shocked the League of Legends world when their star mid-laner Luka "Perkz" Perković role swapped to the bot-lane in order to make way for the new signing of Rasmus “Caps” Winther from bitter rivals Fnatic.

However, the former could be returning to mid as G2 released a video on their social media which is hinting towards Perkz becoming a mid-laner once again while Caps will instead move into the bot-lane and takeover as ADC for the first time in his career.

Many had speculated that Perkz may swap back to the mid-lane as he has been spamming the position in solo queue during the offseason. Though the Croatian had an extremely impressive debut year as an ADC as he held his own against the very best at the World Championships - he didn’t even lose a single one of his six Xayah games at the tournament.

Meanwhile, Caps’ capabilities as an ADC are still somewhat of an unknown factor though he did play one bot-lane game last season in which he helped G2 defeat Excel Esports while playing Draven. The mid-laner has also won on stage playing marksmen including Tristana and Lucian though the most famous example of all was when he pulled off Vayne mid and carried Fnatic to an important win in the European Playoffs a couple of years ago.

G2’s original role swap was a stroke of genius as the squad went on to redefine the way the game was played in 2019 by constantly flexing champions to great effect. It earned the organisation two LEC titles and a Mid Season Invitational trophy but even they couldn’t earn Europe the Summoner’s Cup as they were convincingly defeated by FunPlus Phoenix in the Worlds final.

It’s still not known if this will be a permanent change or rather G2 simply looking towards even more in-game fluidity with both Perkz and Caps regularly changing positions. The European champions have become extremely difficult to face, especially in a best-of-five situation, thanks to the sheer flexibility of the players. It’s already near impossible to predict what G2 will draft in each game and by having Caps and Perkz both being able to play mid and bot, the players will have yet another weapon in their arsenal that could see the squad go one step further at Worlds next year.

Image via Riot Games | Flickr

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