Furious Far Cry 6 Fans Are Unable To Upgrade Their Games

Furious Far Cry 6 Fans Are Unable To Upgrade Their Games

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Tom Chapman


11th Oct 2021 14:16

Oh dear, it looks like Ubisoft can't catch a break with Far Cry 6. If it isn't people kicking off about culturally questionable cockfighting games, it's the usual barrage of glitches and complaints. Now though, there's a whole different reason you'll be chucking your controller at the screen.

While Far 6 lives up to Ubisoft's promise of being a proper AAA game in this new generation of consoles, it's a far from perfect experience. Still, your trip to Yara is an oddly satisfying one - well, if Ubisoft sends you the right version of the game.

What's wrong with Far Cry 6?

Some players are reporting issues with their copies of Far Cry 6, and in particular, it seems to be those upgrading from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5. It's all to do with which disc you've been sent. On Twitter, several disgruntled gamers claim they've been sent the Russian version - which is incompatible with the free PS5 upgrade. 

There's a workaround if you change to a Russian PSN account, however, you'll lose all progress and access to DLCs. Even though the original poster is confident Ubisoft will release a fix, it's hardly a perfect situation. Most annoyingly, this has happened before...

What happened last time with Ubisoft?

Ubisoft is aware of the issue and promised that it's "investigating". Still, that doesn't help those of you who are currently locked out of the shooter. Hopefully, Ubisoft will get its skates on and fix things before more of us are affected. 

In December, Ubisoft was dragged through the mud when the exact same thing happened with Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion. Like critics have said, you'd expect the publisher to have remembered that this time around. 

With the Far Cry debacle, other European territories like Germany and Greece are reporting similar issues. If you can actually get to play Far Cry 6 on your PS5, it's being largely regarded as the best the franchise has been in years. 


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