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18:30, 05 Mar 2021

ForZe has recently made an attempt to restore their powerhouse reputation by swapping around their roster, except this time - without a coach. They’ve put a lot of focus towards their academy team along the organisation’s main roster. ForZe even put their players to the test by attending as many events as possible, including Snow Sweet Snow, DreamHack, and the Vulkan Fight Series. 

Their newest lineup has gone head to head with some of the best amateur teams across Europe, which has only resulted in losses so far. ForZe still has a lot of work ahead of them, but it’s never too late to rebuild one's reputation by climbing to the top.

Both forZe academy and forZe school have reached a tonne of milestones since playing under the org. Some have even won some C-Tier events worth name dropping.

Without a coaching staff and analyst group, forZe will have to put their heads together and win based on player assets alone. So far, they’re on track to figuring out what players work well together and are capable of bringing home championship titles. 


Dmitriy "facecrack" Alexeev was moved towards the bench and later on acquired by the competitive transfer list within competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Throughout his six-year career, facecrack spent three of those precious seasons competing with forZe. 


The entry fragger has seen forZe at their best and worst moments, considering he’s one of their original players. He won over thirteen events alongside forZe and even attended a Major. Despite falling short in the event, his presence alone had media coverage swarming the amateur team at the national tournament. 

As of last year, forZe has been falling off and showed desperation for one last chance to compete. With hopes to drive up the spirits of their fans, forZe slashed some of their veteran players for a new lineup. Facecrack has yet to make a statement regarding his departure, but that hasn’t stopped him from grinding FPL with other free agents and trial teams. 

The next long time player of forZe to get the boot was AWPer and entry fragger Bogdan "xsepower" Chernikov. Xsepower joined forZe back in 2018 during his long-awaited competitive debut within Russia. 


ForZe gave the rookie a chance to prove himself by practising night and day, competing with a variety of teams. Because of forZe, xsepower was able to achieve nearly $100,000 in earnings and has over twelve championships. 

He received the opportunity of a lifetime, but sadly it’s all come to an end following the signing of two new players. Xsepower made a brief post on Twitter which resulted in support from pro players such as Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz and Rene "cajunb" Borg. 


For the longest time, xsepower was one of the strongest forces on forZe, which is why people are rooting for his possible career with a Tier-1 team. Xsepower clearly deserves another chance considering he’s had such a strong journey so far. 


After removing some of the original forces on the team, forZe signed two promising players from the competitive scene. Both Aleksandr "KENSI" Gurkin and Alexandr "zorte" Zagodyrenko joined the team back in February after getting dropped by Ethereal. 

A small pickup team that has yet to bring success to the amateur scene since their debut. At the age of 19, KENSI began his competitive career playing for a series of unknown teams. The rifler based in Russia has definitely shown a lot of potential within the past two years. 

Zorte has also been grinding for the longest time now without a consistent org. His time to shine as an amateur AWPer is now alongside the latest group of players within forZe. Since 2018, zorte has managed to scrape together a couple of meaningful wins without attention from teams seen in the media. 

He’s an extremely talented individual that just needs a nudge in the right direction. Despite taking a tough loss at Snow Sweet Snow, both KENSI and zorte have multiple chances to regain the public’s trust within the hard-working staff under forZe.  

ForZe Roster


Besides the current downfall of forZe’s main roster, their academy team forZe School has shown a lot of hidden talent since the start of 2021. They’ve won not one but two events so far, including Ultras League Season 4 and 5.


Despite the series being such a small event, forZe school has already earned a total of $2,000, proving they have what it takes to compete. One of the masterminds behind the success of forZe school is Aleksandr Anatolyevich "MechanoGun" Bogatyrev. 

Formerly known as zoneR, the ESIC banned coach has spent the past four months, making himself a better person by training future talents. 

His team already has two titles and a list of earnings which is a big deal for such a small group of players. Despite facing a lot of drama within the media last year, MechanoGun has soared above his previous failures by becoming an educator. Maybe forZe’s main roster is just lacking the right coach and is in need of MechanoGun once again. 



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