Fortnite's Hulk Skin Has Fans Going Green With Rage

Fortnite's Hulk Skin Has Fans Going Green With Rage
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Tom Chapman


7th Dec 2022 14:09

Just when it looked like Epic Games was clawing it back with an inventive and revitalised Fortnite Chapter 4, news about its Hulk skin will leave you angrier than the Green Meanie himself.

Marvel skins are nothing new to Fortnite, and you might remember the comic book capers of Chapter 2 Season 4. Still, while the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America have all found themselves in the battle royale, Hulk has been MIA... until now.

When Will The Fortnite Hulk Skin Release?



According to multiple sources, the Fortnite Hulk skin will arrive in the item shop on December 8. The important thing to note here is the use of the words "item shop."

Given that we've waited so long for Hulk, many thought he'd be something of a big deal - possibly as Chapter 4 Season 1's secret skin. Instead, learning that he's another cash-grab item skin is more than a little disappointing. 

At least there's plenty to get your Hulk hands on. In a datamined Hulk bundle, there's reportedly the main skin, a "Recruit Hulk" variant, "Demolisher" pickaxe, "Gamma chamber" back bling, "Hulk Smash" emote, and "Warning: Gamma Rays" spray. 

How Much Will The Hulk Skin Cost?

As with most Marvel skins, we'd expect Hulk to fetch anywhere between 1200 and 15000 V-Bucks, but we'd lean toward the latter. When bundling it with all the stuff, expect a Hulk bundle to be pushing above 2,5000 V-Bucks - making him a pricy addition to your locker.

The fact Hulk is going to be a paid-for skin hasn't gone unnoticed, as seemingly content Fortnite fans have quickly turned on Epic. "Its literally sad fortnite teased the hulk just for it to be a item shop skin. That's not right, don't show us Hulk if he ain't going to be in the battle pass," SAID ONE.

"Don’t get me wrong i love hulk but ain’t no way i want to spend money for his skin just for him to block my screen and ruin my ads with him," grumbled another.

A third concluded, "The new battle pass is ABYSMAL. Why would they show the Hulk if he’s not in the battle pass??? and how are they gonna really play us like that with no notable figures in the battle pass at all?? they suck."

Epic might not be as bad as Activision and Call of Duty, but we're guessing the release of Hulk in Fortnite is going to cause a scandal the size of the actual Hulk.

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