A leak has surfaced which hints at the Return of Midas in Fortnitemares 2020.

16:30, 03 Oct 2020

Over the years, Fortnite has stepped up their game when it comes to spooking the socks off their players. The annual event, Fortnitemares, transcends the island into darkness and produces creepy skins and emotes. Whether it was the 2018 Deadfire slinger and his accompanying ghouls, or the 2019 Dark Rex becoming king of the storm, Fortnite always manages to leave players crawling out of their skin when it comes to October.

Just two days into Halloween month and leaks have already begun to appear from the taps, with dataminers going to town on the files. Starting the hype train which ends with ghosts and guts, leakers may have found the first skin that we can expect, as it appears a fan favourite is to be resurrected from his grave.

The end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, saw the bling king himself be seemingly killed off, as the solid gold Midas had met his makers. Although he briefly showed his face during the DC villains bundle, Midas has been ghosted from Fortnite, but one leaker has claimed that he is the "most likely" character to feature in Fortnitemares 2020.

Devoted Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, tweeted that Midas is to return in another form, and will be faced off against "Ghostly Ghost Henchmen".

Midas looks set to haunt Salty Springs once again, this time wielding a Legendary SCAR assault rifle, and has an extended shield worth 350 HP. 


The Ghostly Ghost Henchmen will also be armed to the teeth (if ghosts even have teeth), with an assortment of weapons, most notably the Pumpkin Launcher.

With the bone-chilling season just around the corner, HYPEX has certainly sent the Fortnite community into a frenzy, with many now hoping to see the boo-tiful golden marksman back. 



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Image via Epic Games

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