Lachlan broke down in tears of joy whilst revealing his personalised in-game skin bundle.

13:30, 05 Nov 2020

Popular Fortnite streamer Lachlan "Lachlan" Ross Power has joined an elite group of people that can play Fortnite as themselves. The Australian-born Twitch and YouTube sensation has revealed his own in-game skin produced by Epic Games, and well, it's electrifyingly brilliant. 

Lachlan, who won the Pro-AM $100k Charity tournament at the 2020 AO Fortnite Summer Smash, currently sits on over 14million YouTube subscribers as one of the most popular personalities within the Fortnite community. With this, Epic Games have collaborated with Lachlan to join the likes of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, Jacques "Travis Scott" Berman Webster II, Imane "Pokimane" Anys, and Kathleen "Loserfruit" Belsten as having their own customisation features within the game.

Lachlan's bundle includes a reactive skin, lightning bolt back bling, electric dual-wield pickaxes in the shape of a scythe and an axe, and the "powerpunch" emote which demonstrates Lachlan doing a backflip before punching the ground and causing electric waves.

The streamer broke down in his reveal on YouTube, describing the moment as "something you can only dream of". He added, "I just want you guys to know that this isn’t sad tears, its tears of joy.. its just a lot man".

The skin boasts a sleek black battle suit topped with a white jacket and his signature trainers. The design is heavily based upon his lightning logo, and upon getting eliminations will begin to be charged with electricity. When fully charged, his slicked-back blonde hair will flow with a bolt coursing through it and yellow surges will flow down the suit into his calves. 


Players can purchase the bundle from the in-game store with V-bucks on November 12, or can unlock the features for free through competing in the Lachlan Pickace Frenzy which starts on November 8. 

For Lachlan, hard work has seriously paid off, with lobbies of players soon set to be diving into Retail Row powerpunch first.



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Image via Epic Games | Lachlan

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