Everything you need to know about XP coins in Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 5.

18:00, 25 Feb 2021

With all of the commotion surrounding Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5’s bounty hunters, Mythic weapons, and new challenges, everyone forgot about XP coins. XP coins became a new form of gathering XP, starting in Chapter 2. Players are awarded XP upon collecting these colourful coins.

At the start of Season 5, XP coins were thought to have been retired. We went six weeks without any XP coins. However, XP coins appeared again in Week 7 and have been going strong ever since. Below is everything you need to know about XP coins.

Ten new coins release each week at 2pm GMT.

The quantities are as follows:

  • 4 x Green Coins
  • 3 x Blue Coins
  • 2 x Purple Coins
  • 1 x Gold Coin

Green coins grant 10,000 XP each, Blue coins award 6,500 XP each, Purple coins gift 10,000 XP, and Gold coins give a massive 15,000 XP.


In total, there is 74,500 XP available each week purely through XP coins.

Unlike challenges, XP coins stack and can be collected at any time throughout the season. 

According to leaks, a new set of ten XP coins will appear each week until Week 16. Players should expect to find 100 total XP coins throughout Season 5.


In general, Team Rumble is the playlist of choice for XP coin gatherers. Death carries no risk, and the mode is usually a lot more casual than other modes. Additionally, players have re-deployable gliders and can traverse the map at a rapid pace. Team Rumble allows players to collect up all of the XP coins quickly and stress-free.

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All XP Coins Of Week 13


Fortnite XP Coins - Week 7

Fortnite XP Coin Locations

There are a few important patterns to note about the Week 7 XP coins. First, the green coins are all toward the west side of the map, mainly on the edges. The blue coins are all partially hidden underwater within the lakes and oceans of the map. Finally, the purple coins are all high up on hills and mountain tops. 

Week 7’s gold coin can be found just south-east of Colossal Coliseum on the edge of the sand biome. Collect all ten coins for a smooth 74,500 XP.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 8

Fortnite XP Coin Locations

Contrary to Week 7, Week 8’s green coins are all placed near the centre of the map in close proximity to one another. The blue coins, however, share the same pattern seen in Week 7. All three blue coins can be found partially submerged underwater. As for the purple coins, one is in the marsh east of Slurpy Swamp, and the other is in the cornfield east of Colossal Coliseum.


The lauded gold coin is hidden within the Stealthy Stronghold, home of Predator. You’ll find the coin on top of a tree branch next to a crashed plane. Just make sure you locate the gold coin before Predator locates you.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 9

Fortnite XP Coin Locations

It’s looking like a trend has developed in regards to the blue XP coins. So far, every blue XP coin has been placed partially submerged in one of the map’s bodies of water. Week 9 is no different. All three blue XP coins can be found in the water.

Unfortunately, the green XP coins don’t have much of a pattern this week. You’ll find two toward the centre of the map, another near Catty Corner and another at Steamy Stacks.


The purple XP coins and the 15K XP gold coin line up perfectly on the east coast of the map. Players can travel down a straight line and grab these three coins with ease. These are the three most valuable coins and will net you a combined 35K XP.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 10


This week, three out of the four Green Coins can be found on the east side of the map. These three consist of a coin at Lazy Lake, a coin on the coast east of Retail Row, and another coin at Pete’s Pizza Pit. The final Green Coin is in the shack on Splode’s island, the same place a hidden bunker from the Week 9 Challenges is located.


Once again, all three Blue Coins can be found partially submerged in water. One Blue Coin is in the river running through Weeping Woods. Another can be found in the river east of Pleasant Park. The last Blue Coin is way up north-west, on the coast of The Shark.

The Purple Coins can be found on the north-west and south-east corners of the central desert biome. Walk just off the edge of the desert, and the coins should be viewable.

The almighty Gold Coin can be found down south at Flush Factory. Head to one of the OG Fortnite POIs to claim the 15K XP coin.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 11


The XP Coins are less spread out this week, as the majority of them sit on the southern half of the map.


Starting with the Green Coins, one can be found at Fort Crumpet, the unmarked POI west of Sweaty Sands. While you’re there, grab Grimbles’ love potion for the Week 11 challenge. Going from west to east, the next Green Coin is placed on a hill just south-east of Weeping Woods. The third Green Coin is way down south, on the mountain to the west of Camp Cod. Finally, the last of the four Green Coins is north-west of Dirty Docks, near the powerline tower.

Moving onto the Blue Coins, players will find one in the ocean south of Holly Hedges. The second will be found in the iconic Lazy Lake. The final Blue Coin is in the river south of Steel Farm. All three of these coins are partially submerged underwater.


With the least-desired coins out of the way, let’s get into the coins worth five digits of XP. The first of the 10K XP Purple Coins can be spotted along the road between Sweaty Sands and Salty Towers. The other Purple Coin is just south-east of Retail Row, next to the snowy mountain top. Remember: the Purple Coins explode into a bundle of mini-coins when interacted with. Build a box around these coins before grabbing them, or you may miss out on precious XP.

Now for the coin everyone’s searching for. Week 11’s Gold Coin has been placed inside the seasonal store on the outskirts of Holly Hedges. Collect the coin to receive a fat 15,000 XP.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 12


Week 12’s XP Coins have a nice little pattern going. Besides a select few, every coin is spread evenly around the outskirts of the map. Players could draw a circle around the map and collect almost all of Week 12’s XP Coins on the trip.

Starting up north, the first Green XP Coin of the week can be found north of Stealthy Stronghold. Follow the dirt path up until you get to the cliffside. The coin sits on the edge of the map, overlooking the ocean. The next Green Coin is at an unmarked POI titled Grumpy Greens. Grumpy Greens can be found east of Pleasant Park, just above the sand biome. The coin can be spotted up high on a hill facing the river. The third Green XP Coin is far east. Follow the dirt road south-west of Viking Vessel that leads to the beach. The Coin will be visible next to a clump of trees. The Final Green Coin will be found north-east of Misty Meadows. The Coin rests up high on a hill overlooking all of Misty Meadows and the lake below.

Onto our water-based coins, let’s head far north, to the small island above Craggy Cliffs. There, players will find the first of the Blue XP Coins. Travelling west to Dirty Docks, the next coin is actually in the ocean off the shoreline. Keep note of where the beach curves; that’s where you’ll want to look. The last Blue XP Coin is hiding like a troll underneath a bridge. Look for the wooden bridge down south that leads to Camp Cod. Players will see it in the water below.

The Purple XP Coins are where things get serious. Purple Coin #1 is located just east of the Shanty Town. This is the small grouping of shacks on the shoreline west of Slurpy Swamp. The coin is bundled next to some trees and rocks. With the centre of the map as our starting point, the second Purple XP Coin is directly south. At the bottom of the map, below Misty Meadows, lies many mountains and cliffsides. Scour the cliffside east of the large valley. This is where you’ll find this coin. 

Last but certainly not least, we have the Gold XP Coin holding down the centre of the map. The final coin of the week can be found just north of the Zero Point, posted up high on top of a crystal. Build up to its perch to claim your prize.

Fortnite XP Coins - Week 13


Besides a couple of anomalies, Week 13’s XP Coins stay largely to the east side of the map. 


We’ll start with the first anomaly, a Green Coin on the small island beach west of Coral Castle. The true pattern begins with a second Green XP Coin found on a hill just south of Craggy Cliffs, next to a set of trees. The final two Green Coins take us far south. One is west of the gas station at Catty Corner and another is south of Misty Meadows, between another pair of pine trees.

Moving onto the water coins, one Blue XP Coin is found atop the waterfall south of Coral Castle. Players will find another Blue Coin in the river south-east of Colossal Coliseum. The last of the Blue Coins is at Hydro 16, the big dam east of Slurpy Swamp.

The first Purple XP Coins is appropriately placed next to Steamy Stacks. The coin can be found in an open field of grass south of the famed POI. The second Purple Coin is just north-west of Retail Row. The coin can be spotted hidden in a clump of pine trees. Remember to build a box around these coins to avoid losing valuable XP. You don’t want the mini-coins that explode out of them to get lost!

The 15K XP Gold Coin has been placed within the Colossal Coliseum, in the southeast corner. Visit the home of gladiators to claim Week 13’s ultimate treasure.

We’ll be back next week with ten new XP coins courtesy of Week 14. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.

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