FaZe Fortnite player Mongraal was kicked from FNCS Week 2 due to a vault bug.

12:03, 19 Oct 2020

The Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 4, apart from being a mouthful to say, is in full swing. With the best Fortnite players in the world competing for a place at the Fortnite Playoffs on October 29, the FPS game has caused quite a stir. 

When it comes to the FNCS, it's not uncommon to see FaZe Clan's Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson to be up at the top of the leaderboards. The sixteen-year-old Brit has multiple wins alongside teammates such as Benjy "Benjyfishy" David and Dmitri "mitr0" Van de Vrie. 

Week 2 in Chapter 2 Season 4 saw the popular player team with mitr0 and Tai "TaySon" Starčič, and after landing at Stark Industries, he was booted from the game due to a hugely unfortunate bug.

The Stark Industries is a point of interest which plays host to one of the few vaults on the map. After killing the Iron Man guard and grabbing the access keycard, Mongraal headed over the vault to grab some high-tier loot early on. After spamming the vault door with his pickaxe, he was lifted from the game and returned to the home screen without a point to his name.

Disclaimer - Lower your volume.


After screaming "no!" Mongraal explained to his teammates that the reason he was removed from the game was "because I was spamming the door".

Fortunately, Mongraal was able to get back in for the rest of the qualifying games. Epic Games has recently been patching multiple glitches around the vaults which allowed players to access it without earning the keycard. With hope, they'll swiftly fix this latest glitch too before it causes more havoc in the FNCS.



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Image via Epic Game | Mongraal

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