Fragging with a melody, sounds like music to my ears.

10:58, 09 Apr 2021

Fortnite and Epic Games are renowned for their incredible crossovers. The engaging FPS shooter has often linked Hollywood to gaming, through collaborations with cinematic monsters Marvel and a range of music artists.

Their knack for live concerts such as Astronomical with Travis Scott and Showtime with Marshmallow has added a whole new dynamic to the game, which differs from the straight-up helter-skelter Tilted Towers gameplay that fans are used to.

However, the live performances have dwindled in recent months, with a large focus being weighed on The Avengers collaborations alongside the new Primal age of Fortnite.

With this in mind, Twitch streamer "RobDiesAlot" has whipped up a melody of his own, trading a controller for a guitar, making for his own real-life concert that shreds in more ways than one.

The time of novelty controllers is rife, with many Call of Duty players opting to use drum kits and even bananas to recognise input controls, and be equipped with a license to kill. The Spanish streamer has now linked his chords to his Tactical Shotgun skills, managing to pick up a cheeky double kill in a frenzy of an encounter.


Whilst his movement is limited and the opposition players appear to be somewhat blindfolded, the streamer manages to connect with a barrage of shotgun clips into his opponent, while staying clear of any heavy blows himself.

The gimmick may seem to be rather comical, although PlayStation has recently launched a patent that may see a new age dawn, where household items replace controllers for good. RobDiesAlot may be one step ahead of us all.

I wouldn't like to be his neighbour though.



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Image via Epic Games | RedOctane

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