How to succeed in the brand new modes!

18:00, 17 Apr 2020

The release of the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced the community to a new set of challenges: Spy Games. The main aim behind these challenges is to ensure that the players invest their time to reach the maximum level of the Battle Pass and include in-game skins and cosmetics. Like every season of Fortnite, the latest season is based on a Special Operation theme with the players caught up in a battle between two factions: Shadow and Ghost with each having its own set of challenges and in-game rewards.

Below are our Fortnite tips for Spy Games.

Fortnite Operation Drop Zone

Initially, you will have to side with either of the factions, and this will be the one that opens new tech for your utilization as you progress through the Fortnite Spy Games, however, at any time you can swap between the two groups to occupy your advancement toward the path you need.

Players can partake in two main operations:

  1. Operation: Drop Zone, A 50 v 50 battle with the team getting more kills receiving intel for new Tech. It involves capitalizing the intel drops; with every five drops, a team secures players will unlock a new piece of tech for your pool of weapons and items.

  2. Operation: Knockout, A tournament between Squads with the winner earning intel for new Spy Games Tech. In this mode, players are given a selection from three distinct loadouts which will determine what weapons and items you have access to rather. Throughout the match, at intervals, players will be given a choice of another three random loadouts when they respawn, and whatever they select will be added alongside what they already had in their inventory.

Fortnite Operation Knockout

In these operations, there is no ground loot, and only weapons in your inventory can be used. The weapons and items in the inventory are from the tech players have earned. When players initiate the Spy Games and select a faction, they are rewarded with base tech to participate in these operations and work their way up to earn upgrade on their base tech or even unlock new devices.

You will receive the following tech at the beginning:

Fortnite Shadow Faction:

  • Starter Submachine Gun
  • Overprepared (increased starting ammo)
  • Compact Bandage Bazooka
  • Gunsmith (upgrade all your weapons to a higher rarity)
  • Starter Pump Shotgun
  • Part Fish (swim faster)

Fortnite Ghost Faction:

  • Starter Assault Rifle
  • Sneaky (move faster while crouching)
  • Proximity Mine
  • Therapeutic Swim (regenerate health while swimming)
  • Starter Semi-Auto Sniper
  • Speed Reload (reload all of your weapons faster)
Fortnite Spy Games

Spy Game Challenges:

  • Win a match in Operation matches (1)
  • Deal damage to players in Operation matches (1,000)
  • Eliminate Players in Operation matches (10)

There are only 3 main challenges for the Spy Games and their completion can be executed simply by investing a few hours into these operations!

Over the past few months, Fortnite has taken a hit in terms of its popularity amongst players. It has faced a major decline with players constantly complaining about certain aspects of the game. In order to stabilize that Fortnite continues to bring players back to its game by promoting new content and introducing brand new game mechanics every week or two. The game cycles through various modes, so new game modes don't get old rapidly. At the point when players start to get exhausted, there is continually something new to investigate. The Spy Games is another case of a pleasant game mode for players to give a shot outside of the Battle Royale.

Images via Epic Games

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