Fortnite's Rarest Weapon Has Been Found By SypherPK

Fortnite's Rarest Weapon Has Been Found By SypherPK

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Tom Chapman


4th Sep 2020 14:23

We're looking for the honeypot as famed streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan has revealed exactly how you can find Fortnite's rarest weapon. While we've all been caught up in the "marvellous" Marvel crossover of Chapter 2 Season 4, there's been an influx of new skins, the unvaulting of fan-favourite weapons like the Boogie Bomb, and plenty of challenges to sink your teeth into.

Currently, the rarest weapon on the map is the purple LMG- a variant of the classic Light Machine Gun. To nab this impressive piece of kit, you'll have to head to Doom's Domain. Thankfully, getting your hands on the purple LMG doesn't involve taking on the iconic Fantastic Four villain.


Posting on YouTube, SypherPK explained this relatively easy way to add the purple LMG to your inventory and laud it over the opposition. In the video, he told players to make their way to Doom's Domain - which is where Pleasant Park used to be. Although the location is (sort of) still there, Victor Von Doom has stuck his imposing manor on the grounds and turned it into a monument celebrating his villainy.

Tracking down Doctor Doom's vault, there are two henchmen stood outside. SypherPK explained these two are the only way to guarantee you'll get the Purple LMG in Fortnite. The vault is under the half-opened sports pitch, but it really is as simple taking down the henchmen and picking up your goods.

Be warned though, with all the Doom-related challenges and Doom's Domain being a popular point of interest, expect things to get busy. Also, now that everyone knows where to find the Purple LMG, the gun to be even harder to pick up.

Fortnite's Rarest Weapon
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More than just picking a rare weapon so you can boast, SyhperPK explained how the LMG has the best damage per second and spray for a gun currently in-game. He added that he usually has to choose between clearing out Doom's Domain and taking the Arcane Gauntlets or the Purple LMG.

Even though the Purple LMG can also be found in rare weapons chests, we all know the odds of that. If you want a surefire way to claim Fortnite's rarest weapon, hop into the map and head straight to Doom's Domain next time you jump off the bus.

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