Fortnite ray tracing is being introduced by Epic Games as part of the September 17 update.

13:26, 16 Sep 2020

Epic Games is about to mark a major milestone as Fortnite ray tracing will make it the first battle royale game to ever employ the use of the technology. With Nvidia launching a new suite of new graphic upgrades, real-time ray tracing will find a new home in the wide map of Fortnite

Some three years after Fortnite first burst onto the screen, the colourful battle royale behemoth is continuing to surprise its players. In the midst of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 2, ray tracing is sure to make things a whole lot better. Nvidia and Epic are hoping to make the Fortnite experience a little more dynamic.

Namely, reflections in everything from windows to water and face shields should be a lot crisper. Shadows will also realistically stretch from their source, making Fortnite look even crisper. 


When it comes to real-time ray tracing, it's one of the biggest selling points of Nvidia's RTX line and the upcoming graphics cards from AMD. Gamers with high-end graphics cards will notice improved textures on shiny surfaces and the ability to see what's going on behind them in real-time. Other upgrades are being made to the likes of shadows realism, as well as other lighting tweaks. 

Discussing Fortnite ray tracing, a release explained, "On September 17, the game will add support for ray traced reflections, shadows, global illuminations, and ambient occlusion significantly raising the image quality in the game. At the same time, Nvidia DLSS is coming to Fortnite to boost frame rates and generate beautiful, sharp images in the game. Additionally, Nvidia Reflex technology for reduced latency will also be supported". 

Fortnite Ray Tracing

If you want to see Fortnite ray tracing in all its glory, Nvidia has revealed its own custom map called"RTX Treasure Run". The map was a collaborative process with the Fortnite Creative community and tries to make the most of treasure hunting with ray tracing. You'll be dropped into a museum and allowed to explore Fortnite's ray tracing credentials.

The release continued, "Along the way, players can explore a hall of mirrors, a medieval castle, a jungle, climb a giant statue, and explore a shrunken science lab to uncover the most treasures in the least amount of time. RTX Treasure Run will be available with the launch of Fortnite with RTX". 

Sadly, not everyone will get to experience the new and improved Fortnite. Only those who have the latest Nvidia tech will be able to make the most of Fortnite ray tracing. However, with next-gen consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 just months away, ray tracing has arrived just in time to secure Fortnite's place in the future of gaming consoles. 

Fortnite's cartoony style meant it could arguably get away with a less realistic approach compared to games like Call of Duty: Warzone, but with ray tracing now part of the game, prepare for a shiny new era (tiptoeing nearer).  


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Images via Epic Games

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