Epic Games urges players to update their emails as you will be unable to log in to Fortnite with Apple IDs

10:09, 10 Sep 2020

As of September 11, Fortnite players will be unable to log in with Apple IDs, with Epic Games urging all players to update their emails.

This comes as part of the ongoing legal saga between Epic and Apple, after the tech moguls removed Fortnite from their stores.

Epic stated “Apple will no longer allow users to sign into Epic Games accounts using ‘Sign In with Apple’ as soon as September 11, 2020,” in a post on their help page, before adding “If you have previously used ‘Sign In with Apple’, please update your Epic Games account email address and password immediately so that you can still log in".

Fortnite does have a cross-progression system, meaning this change may also affect some console and PC players, if their primary account stems from the mobile version. You can update your email on Epic Games' website.

For players that don't update their email, don't worry, as you can still manually recover your account. It requires you to reach out to the developers through their help page, where they will send you an access code via email.

Fortnite Players Unable To Log In With Apple IDs

Said changes come in light of the ongoing battle between the developers and Apple. First stemming from Epic Games selling the in-game currency, “V-Bucks”, at a discount, eliminating the need to purchase them through Apple, and therefore dissolving the companies 30% cut, to which Apple immediately pulled the app from their stores, leaving millions of mobile players worldwide unable to download the game, or update it.

This has left many mobile users stuck in Chapter 2 Season 3, despite console and PC player being on the fourth season. Whilst the rest of the world marvels in the new superhero cosmetics, iOS and macOS users have been stuck on the previous season, with Apple refusing to update the game.


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Image via Epic Games

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