Looking for the unofficial patchnotes for v12.30? We got you covered.

10:40, 01 Apr 2020

Epic Games has officially stopped releasing patch notes with each update. So, the GGRecon team took it upon themselves to put together a list of unofficial patch notes. Check out everything new with patch 12.30 below:

Gameplay Changes

  • KB&M recoil/bloom reduced. This tightens the gap between KB&M and controller

  • New audio when a player falls from height

New Weapons/Items

  • Mythic Dual Pistols (Not in game yet)

    • Medium bullets and magazine size of 18

    • Reloads in 2.16 seconds and does 21 damage

    • Drops off of Deadpool at the Yacht

  • Crash Pad

    • Blue rarity

    • Deploys a crash pad that can bounce players and prevent fall damage

    • Spawns in threes

    • Inventory item, not a trap slot

    • Deflates after a set amount of time

    • Similar to the vaulted bounce pad; can only be placed on floors

  • Kingsman

    • Legendary rarity

    • Umbrella item that allows the user to slow descent but does not fully negate fall damage

    • Umbrella breaks when falling from high heights

    • Open the umbrella to shield attacks from the front

    • Doubles as a melee weapon; deals 50 damage a swing

    • Can be used to break structures and farm materials

    • Similar to lightsabers

Map Changes

  • Deadpool took over the Yacht (Not in game yet)

  • Supply drops are Deadpool themed

  • Battle Bus is Deadpool themed

Bug Fixes

  • Tournament scores will now display correctly in the lobby and in-match

  • Harpoon Gun will now catch loot consistently

  • Auto Pick Up will now function correctly

Gameplay footage of the new items can be found below:

Crash Pad


New Crash Pad Item from r/FortniteCompetitive


New Kingsman weapon from r/FortniteCompetitive

New Skins/Cosmetics

With every new patch comes a plethora of brand new, unreleased cosmetics. For a complete list of all the leaked cosmetics in patch 12.30, click here. (Link to cosmetic article once posted)

Image courtesy of Epic Games

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