Open-World Fortnite RPG Leaked Online

Open-World Fortnite RPG Leaked Online
Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


11th Aug 2021 11:56

If you're looking for a whole new way to play, an open-world Fortnite game has reared its head once again. It's been four years since Epic Games unleashed Fortnite onto the world, and while the classic Battle Royale mode is easily the most popular, a new open-world spin-off looks increasingly likely.

We're just weeks away from the end of Chapter 2 Season 7, and while Superman is keeping us busy right now in the main game, fans are being pulled away by the tempting prospect of an open-world game that will deliver something different.

What is the open-world Fortnite game?

Posting on Twitter, noted leaker HYPEX shared artwork for some new weapons, what looks like a giant monkey/Indiana Jones-inspired temple, and arrows being fired at fan-favourites Peely, Jonesy, Fishstick, and Cuddle Team Leader. It might be a bit of a stretch, but fans have noted a different art style and weapons that are reminiscent of classic RPGs. 

Epic mysteriously updated a "Saturn_Test" file in the game's code on August 10. Although it's currently labelled as a limited-time mode, we hope the idea of an open-world Fortnite sticks around for a bit longer than just an LTE that's gone before we know it. 

In response to HYPEX's tweet, the comment section soon exploded with what it could be. One hoped for a crossover as they wrote, "This gives Clash Of Clans vibes", while another added, "Will probably be a separate game, but I love the style so much, looking forward to what this could be". 

Someone else suggested Epic could take a leaf out of Mojang's book as they mused, "You know I’m betting it’s gonna be like Minecraft Dungeons". A fourth concluded, "Really excited to see what this is, there’s so much Epic could do with Fortnite’s IP". 

When could we see an open-world Fortnite game?

The latest reports come off the back of previous hints of an open-world Fortnite game. In June, we wrote about leaked documents from the Epic vs Apple court case that mentioned a "Sandbox Mode". Going against the idea of the teasers being for an open-world Fortnite spin-off, some think these are our first hint at Season 8. Then again, it seems unlikely because of how different the art style is. 

Epic has been known for experimenting recently, and following the record-breaking Galactus live event, we recently had the Ariana Grande Rift Tour. Let's also remember Season 6's Primal started with an impressive cinematic opener.

It's clear the developer wants to expand beyond the popularity of Battle Royale, and as both Creative and Save the World continue to plod along, an open-world RPG mode could give the juggernaut that is Battle Royale a run for its money. Although some seem convinced an open-world Fortnite is coming in a matter of weeks, we'd put our money on a well-timed release alongside Season 8.


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