Why We Need To See The Old Maps In A Fortnite Hall Of Fame

Why We Need To See The Old Maps In A Fortnite Hall Of Fame

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Tom Chapman


24th May 2021 16:15

As we gear up for a new season of Fortnite, there's the inevitable question about what will (and won't) make the cut next time around. While Chapter 2 Season 6's Primal introduced new locales like Boney Burbs and The Spire, it was goodbye to Colossal Coliseum, Hunter's Haven, and Salty Towers. All of these are small fries compared to the overhaul of the map at the start of Chapter 2, but with every season, there's a debate about when/if we could see the old maps return.

One idea that's been floated around is a Fortnite Hall of Fame, that would let players experience the game of old in an interactive way. Even though it would be a logistical nightmare to boot up multiple maps, imagine being able to duke it out on Chapter 2 Season 3's Fortilla or Chapter 1 Season X's Gotham City. All of this might sound outside the realms of possibility, but only recently, we covered how one player suggested a nostalgic museum POI


Why the old Fortnite maps need to return

Even though Fortnite seasons seem to be getting longer, an average of just 10 weeks isn't really long enough to appreciate all the work that goes into each map. Admittedly, some are relatively minor changes, however, Epic is becoming more imaginative. Who didn't love touring Stark Industries or Doom's Domain in the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4? Elsewhere, flying above the skies in Chapter 2 Season 5 gave us a nice dose of nostalgia from the good ol' days thanks to the reintroduction of planes. 

The case for bringing back old maps largely stems from the argument the original Fortnite map should come back. It's no secret that the divisive overhaul of the Chapter 1 map we'd come to know and love played a part in the mass exodus of big names. Skill-based matchmaking was also a contributing factor in the likes of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins stepping away from competitive Fortnite, but for many, having the OG map sucked into oblivion was a major misstep on Epic's side. Whether it be as a one-off or for a full-time return, the Chapter 1 map would be a popular addition to the game's ever-evolving roadmap.

Going against the idea of the Chapter 1 map coming back, critics have pointed out it was far from perfect, there wasn't a proper infrastructure of roads to connect the original map, and you could die just by falling in the water. Still, each map has its critics and supporters, meaning there should be an option to let fans choose. Much like Apex LegendsPlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsVALORANT, and others have a selection of maps, Fortnite could follow suit. Then again, we've seen Call of Duty: Warzone corner the marker with a single map that changes far less than Fortnite does.


How could the old Fortnite maps return?

A popular idea for bringing back Fortnite maps would be to introduce a whole new mode - similar to Save the World - that would collect the various maps together. If this was going to work, a "retro" version of Fortnite could throw players into a rotating roster of old maps as either 1 v 99 or in squads. There's a small problem with this. Running just one map can seriously stretch the Fortnite servers, so just imagine trying to run the current map alongside another 15. 

Some have suggested Battle Lab (that replaced Playground) could host the various season maps. Epic has previously hinted that it wouldn't be as simple as simply pulling out some old code and making the old maps live. A simpler approach would be the previous idea of a POI museum that lets you step inside old points of interest and interact without a competitive element. Let's be honest, though, the main reason most of us would want the old map(s) back would be to put enemies in our crosshairs and take them out in Dusty Divot, Mega Mall, or Paradise Palms.

Importantly, Epic looks like it isn't completely adverse to bringing back the old map. As well as POIs popping up in revamped form, there was the introduction of the Eco skin that honoured the early days of the game. Let's also remember the baffling events that are currently unfolding. Just like Chapter 1, Season X wiped the first map out of existence; we don't know what's on the way. In a similar way, it looks like we're building to something big. The arrival of The Spire at the start of Chapter 1 Season 6 also included that cinematic cutscene where players were pulled through a number of realities. 

For all we know, the next season could overhaul the Primal landscape and deliver some good ol' fashioned original map. If not, the idea of a nostalgic museum of Fortnite favourites is a surefire way to appease those continued calls for the resurrection of the old maps. One thing's for sure, though - Epic is probably going to keep us guessing for a while. 


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