Fortnite NPCs Hint At The Upcoming Season 5 Zero Point Live Event

Fortnite NPCs Hint At The Upcoming Season 5 Zero Point Live Event

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Rijit Banerjee


27th Feb 2021 19:30

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: Zero Point has been the most ambitious season, filled with different types of collaborations. With every recent update in the game, the Zero Point would branch out a portal and bring a new hunter to the game. At the very start of the season, Epic Games showed players the story trailer for this season which showcased the general idea of Agent Jones bringing all the hunters from different realities to stop players from escaping the loop.

The game has many hunters now with unique collaborations ranging from Kratos to Predator, and several more characters. Fortnite has truly forged a new meaning of the traditional online video game’s capability and formed it as a medium to elate other gaming communities to grow together in harmony. As a result, players get their hands on some of the most unique/extraordinary skins in the game, directly related to various movies, video games and more, to see their favourite character come to life in the game.

While it is definitely fun to have these characters come into the game, Agent Jones might have too much fun with the Zero Point destabilising than its former state. Galactus exposed the Zero Point during the last season’s live event, and Agent Jones has used it to travel through different realities and bring hunters into Fortnite. The Zero Point destabilising due to excessive usage could set the stage for the upcoming Season 5 live event, which hasn’t received much spotlight lately.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 introduced the new NPCs in the game, which was a great addition. These NPCs granted bounties, sold exotic weapons, and allowed players to land anywhere on the map. They are existing Fortnite characters, and they formed a narrative take on the Fortnite lore. All of these NPCs do not have special dialogues apart from their regular ones. However, many NPCs like Deadfire, Menace, and Mancake have received new secret exchanges connecting them to Fortnite’s Zero Point.

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All of these NPCs are located near the centre of the map (Zero Point) and might be suggesting at the Season 5 live event. Mancake, in his new greeting dialogue, says: “Was that thing always so unstable?” suggesting that the new branches from the Zero Point have been forming so many new portals, and the whole thing is destabilising. Next up, Deadfire says: “Mysterious things have been happening ‘round these parts.” showcasing that the Zero Point is indeed changing due to the anomaly caused by Agent Jones.

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Last but not least, Menace from the Coliseum gives a strange dialogue, saying: “Can you feel it? We’re gonna have a good fight on our hands.” An upcoming fight gives a straight impression that the Seven could potentially make their return into the game as they were alerted by the anomaly caused by the Zero Point. With them coming, Agent Jones' organisation-imagined Order could get in a massive fight with the space crew to protect the ongoing loop from breaking in the game. The whole battle could be a great end season event which the lore enthusiasts of the game would appreciate to set up the scene for the next season 6. 


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If you thought that the new secret dialogues finished with the above-stated NPCs, then you are wrong. Bunker Jonesy has one to his name as well. He was one of the most exciting NPCs in this season for Fortnite lore enthusiasts, and he confirmed many theories surrounding the whole time loop, and snippets of Jonesy left inside the loop. Bunker Jonesy’s new greeting dialogue says:  “Here it comes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” While the sentence could signify many things, the most obvious one would be to think the Seven are coming back into the map to break the loop for once and for all, and stop the IO organisation from executing their plan successfully in the game.

Moreover, to make things even more interesting, the mysteriously abandoned bunker sits directly under the spot of Kevin the Cube’s birthplace way back in Season 1. Therefore, Bunker Jonesy might also be hinting at Kevin’s return to the map, and the doors of the bunker finally open to know if it is an IO Agency’s headquarters or something of primordial importance. A few weeks back, players were required to visit many small bunkers spread across the map for completing quests, which further solidifies this theory.


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is set to end on March 15, 2021, according to the in-game information. It could be delayed, but many leakers confirmed that v15.50 would be the last update of the season, leaving very little room for the developers to shift the date. Whatever the live event is, the players should get hyped as they move closer to the end of Chapter 2 Season 5.

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