A new Fortnite Mystique glitch lets you expand your wardrobe and wear any skin in the game for absolutely nothing.

10:15, 07 Oct 2020

There's another glitch in the Fortnite matrix as players can try out any skin in the game, for absolutely nothing. With fans still exploring the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, Epic Games has continued rolling out content as we reach the season's mid-point.

As one of the OG Marvel skins that came with Season 4's launch, Mystique is a veteran of the map. With each of the heroes and villains boasting their own emote abilities, Mystique's involves her taking on the visage of those she's just killed. It's similar to her ability in the comics, where she can change into whoever she wants - losing her iconic blue skin and red hair to masquerade as others. 


Mystique is unlocked at Level 80 of Season 4's Battle Pass and comes with the in-built Shapeshifter emote. Now, players think they've found an exploit where you can literally use this to their advantage and expand their wardrobe.

Posting on YouTube, Glitch King showed how you can keep a skin indefinitely, even if you don't own it. Shapeshifter usually only lasts for 60 seconds, or until Mystique is hit, which means you don't get long parading around in someone else's skin. However, if you head into Creative Mode with at least one other player, you can keep your latest look for as long as you want.

Kill your opponent and active Shapeshifter, then quickly exit to the main hub. If it's worked, you'll have retained the skin and no longer look like the blue-skinned villainess. Better yet, she won't revert to her usual form, even when damage is dealt. According to Glitch King, the hack also works in Battle Lab, so why not try it out?


But what's the point, and can using the Fortnite Mystique glitch get you banned? It's a pretty innocuous exploit that can't be used in public matches, so it's unlikely Epic will throw the ban hammer at you for using this one.

Also, there's the unique idea that it can let you try out rare skins before you buy them. You just need to have a pal wearing a rare skin or hunt out someone that has one, put them in your crosshairs, and dress in your very best. 



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Images via Epic Games

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