Fortnite fans are asking Epic Games to remember previous seasons with a nostalgic museum POI similar to the Collector's Museum landmark from Season 4.

11:58, 01 Feb 2021

Those Fortnite fans are at it again, suggesting their own additions to the ever-expanding map of Epic Games' battle royale favourite. Unlike most games where suggestions go unheard, Epic has shown it listens to its players and is known for regularly tweaking the map to help appease the masses. It's a recurring theme that each season of Fortnite likes to give itself a bit of a facelift with a new story and (usually) a change to the map. 

While Chapter 2 Season 5 brought the likes of Stealthy Stronghold, Salty Towers, and Colossal Coliseum, it was also time to wave goodbye to the various Marvel-themed locales alongside old favourites like the Fortilla and the Ruins. The Ruins have been ripped open by Galactus to expose the Zero Point as a vital way to move the story forward, however, some feel that fan-favourite locations are gone without a care in the world. Can we get a show of hands for Moisty Mire stans, please? 


What is the Fortnite museum POI?

[SUGGESTION] A new place in party royale : The Fortnite Museum. Big monument with mythic things of the game (Kevin, Rifts,...) and also with anecdotes about the game. In addition of that, A cinema where you can choose wich event to see and the old map in miniature. from r/FortNiteBR

Now, one Fortnite fan has suggested we add a permanent nostalgic museum POI to remember those we've lost over the seasons. Even though seasons are getting increasingly long and starting to push the three-month mark, Fortnite's battle royale map has changed a lot in the past four years. We've gone through so many iterations of the map, and that's before we even get to Chapter X swapping the old map for the current one during "The End" event.

Even as pro players like Ali "SypherPK" Hassan and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins continue to discuss the idea of bringing back the original map, an altogether more interesting idea is honouring Fortnite past with a museum POI. Posting on Reddit, u/Agoevan05 suggested the new POI - serving as a trip down memory lane. Here, vaulted weapons, vehicles, forgotten characters, and POIs could all be displayed for the world to see. 


It's a neat idea that u/Agoevan05 says could even have a giant cinema screen to replay events. Given that events only happen once (and are missed by some), it would be thrilling to see them played out again. Chapter 2 Season 4's Galactus event broke Fortnite records as the on-the-rails shooter scored a jaw-dropping 15.3 million concurrent players. Not bad for a game some people argue is "dead". Who wouldn't want to see it again?


Could we actually see the Fortnite museum POI?

The idea of a Fortnite museum POI in Party Royale is definitely an interesting one. As well as simply displaying forgotten items or locations, there could be further interaction with a giant map where you'd select specific locations or POIs. An even more novel approach would be to allow players to actually jump into forgotten POIs for a non-competitive look around. Epic is always looking for ways to lure people from Battle Royale to Party Royale, and when music concerts or Christopher Nolan movies don't cut it, this is a winner.


Talk of a nostalgic museum soon blew up on Reddit, with supporters loving the idea of an interactive Party Royale POI. One fan said, "I NEVER go on Party Royale but this would actually give me incentive to get on there", while another mused, "This is an incredible idea. I’d love if they kept adding new stuff to check out in party royale". A third added, "This would be so cool as someone who quit because I hate the new chapter this would make me download the game again just to look back through all the memories". 

Critics are right though, bringing this to life would be a monumental task that would require constant updating. Still, if Epic wants to make the most of Party Royale, a trip down memory lane is one way to keep everyone engaged. Of course, the idea of a Fortnite museum has already been teased in-game thanks to The Collector's Museum being a POI in Chapter 2 Season 4. Based on the hoarding Marvel character of the same name, The Collector's Museum had various Easter eggs to previous seasons. If we added a nostalgic museum POI, does that mean The Collector's Museum would also have to have its own meta exhibit? Either way, we're totally sold on the idea.



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