The latest leaks suggest Fortnite mounted car guns could be racing into action as part of a new update that puts weapon modification at the forefront of Epic's game.

13:17, 26 Jan 2021

Epic Games is waving the checkered flag in Fortnite, with the latest leaks suggesting they're taking a leaf out of the Batmobile's book by adding car-mounted guns to the battle royale bruiser's map. Although vehicles are nothing new to Fortnite, the introduction of sports cars, pickups, and trucks are relative babies in terms of the game's ways to travel the map. We're already used to hanging out the window and trying to take out opponents with a well-timed headshot, however, it sounds like Epic is planning on weaponising vehicles as a deadly addition to your arsenal. 

While the introduction of cars as part of Chapter 2 Season 3's Joy Ride update was big news for Fortnite, they've already slipped into the background of matches. As it stands, having your squad jump into the bed of a pickup truck and zoom between Sweaty Sands and The Colosseum can quickly lose its appeal. Epic has tried to get us behind the wheel by adding a series of vehicular-based challenges, but let's be honest, most of us prefer tackling the map on foot. All of that could be about to change thanks to Fortnite mounted car guns.  


Fortnite mounted car guns: What's the leak?

Trusted Fortnite leaker HYPEX claims car-mounted guns are on the way to give cars a much-needed overhaul. Alongside rumours that a whole host of weapons will be given new modding capabilities, sources claim cars will be getting a similar facelift. HYPEX is confident that vehicle attachments will be added via a future update, which would be a move away from the game's usual cosmetic looks for skins and weapons.

Unlike skins and wraps that give you the appearance of Terminator, Predator, the Mandalorian, and all the rest, these attachments would seriously enhance the power of your vehicles. We imagine it would be similar to the Marvel-themed Mythic Weapons from Chapter 2 Season 4, or Predator's Cloaking Device/Mandalorian's Amban Sniper Rifle in Season 5. 


HYPEX says car mods will be divided into tiers (similar to weapons), but not all of them will be weapons. Other mods can change the way your car drives on the map's various surfaces. It's easy to picture special tires that make it easier to drive across the sands of the desert or climb those annoyingly steep cliffs to get up to Hunter's Haven. Changing the way a car drives is one thing, but let's be honest, we're all here for the idea that you'll be able to stick a rocket launcher or railgun on the bonnet of your Whiplash. 


Fortnite mounted car guns: How would they work?

On the whole, it looks like Epic is pushing us to find new ways to move from location to location. Part of Chapter 2's mass exodus of pro players involved complaints the map was too easy to traverse. Chapter 2 Season 5 introduced sand tunnelling as a way to whip across the desert like you're in the movie Tremors, while there were recent reports Golf Carts, Hoverboards, and Ballers could be coming back. Still, the ability to hold several mods for weapons or cars - and swap out at will - could seriously mix up the way we play Fortnite


It's no secret that locations like Coral Castle and Misty Meadows are low-spawn drop points unless players are required to go there for a challenge. Hiding vehicle mods in these areas is one way to ensure we're exploring every corner of this wild and wacky world. Call of Duty and Fortnite very much have their own sectors of the market, however, Epic could be following in Activision's footsteps by exploring the idea of weapon and vehicle attachments for a little more variety. As with all these Fortnite leaks, we'll have to wait for the official nod from the top.



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