Discover all of Fortnite’s upcoming cosmetics and find out what the month of May will offer to Fortnite fans.

18:30, 27 Apr 2021

May is an exciting month for fans of Fortnite cosmetics. Kicking off the month of May is a new Fortnite Crew Pack. May’s Crew Pack offers a brand-new exclusive skin, back bling, pickaxe, and more. Additionally, players subscribed to Fortnite Crew during the month of May will receive some never-before-seen benefits.

Outside of the Fortnite Crew, a slew of additional cosmetics are set to release this May. Patch v16.30 has leaked a series of stunning cosmetic bundles featuring alternative versions of some of Fortnite’s most popular characters.

Read on to find out more information on the May Crew Pack, discover all of the new cosmetics Fortnite players can expect to encounter this May, plus a nifty tip on maximising the value of a Fortnite Crew subscription.

Fortnite Crew Pack May

May’s Crew Pack: The Deimos Bundle

The feature Fortnite Crew skin for the month of May is Deimos. Epic Games describes the skin as a “skeletal soul-snatcher” and “underworld inhabitant”. Deimos will release with two additional styles outside of the skin’s standard style.

Along with Demios, May’s Crew Pack will gift Fortnite Crew subscribers with the Sorrow’s Edge Back Bling, Sorrow’s Reach Pickaxe, the Doomed Echo Wrap, and the Deimos Skull Stalker Loading Screen. Both the back bling and the pickaxe will have extra style options, plus the pickaxe can be held with two hands or dual-wielded.

More May Crew Pack Benefits

May’s Crew Pack is set to offer the best value yet. The pack will, of course, provide the standard 1,000 V-Bucks and free Battle Pass, but it will also come with a whole bunch of new goodies we haven’t seen before in a Crew Pack.


Anyone subscribed to the Fortnite Crew during May will receive permanent access to Fortnite: Save the World for free. To go along with their new game, all subscribers will also receive Deimos in the form of a special Save the World Ninja Hero. 

Starting just a few days ago, all Fortnite Crew subscribers will be eligible for three free months of Spotify Premium.

Finally, Epic Games promises a “special Fortnite Crew bonus” every Tuesday during the month of May. There are no details on this secret bonus, but hopefully, it’s something worth maintaining a subscription for.

Fortnite May Crew Pack Rewards

Maximising Your Fortnite Crew Subscription

Players that hold out until May 9 or later to subscribe to Fortnite Crew will receive all of the above, PLUS the June Crew Pack and the Chapter 2 - Season 7 Battle Pass for free. Alternatively, players can subscribe to Fortnite Crew anytime before April 30 to receive April and May’s Crew Packs. April’s Crew Pack will earn you Lynx’s sister Alli, while June’s Crew Pack is still a mystery. Subscribing at just the right time will net players two months of Fortnite Crew rewards for the price of one.


Overall, the upcoming offering provided through a Fornite Crew subscription is almost too good to pass up. The contents of May’s Crew Pack added up are worth far more than $12/£10.

May offers more to Fortnite Crew members than any prior month ever has. The benefits of being a Fortnite Crew member just get better and better.

Fortnite May Crew Pack

Leaked Patch v16.30 Cosmetics

May looks like it will be chock-full of fresh cosmetics outside of the upcoming Crew Pack. Today’s update, patch v16.30, reveals seven new cosmetic sets. The names of these sets are: 

  • The Returned
  • Neymar Jr
  • Onibi
  • Neo Underset
  • Knights of the Food Court
  • Honor Bound
  • Batman: Zero Point

The most exciting of these sets is certainly Knights of the Food Court. Guaco The Taco, Durrr Burger, and Tomatohead are reimagined in medieval knight costumes. This bundle comes loaded with matching back blings and pickaxes.

Players can also expect the Neymar Jr skin and all of his accompanying cosmetics to become available over the next couple of days. The secret Neymar Jr skin from the Chapter 2 - Season 6 Battle Pass can be acquired by completing a series of football-themed challenges.


Other highlight cosmetics scheduled to release this May include an emote replicating star American football player Justin Jefferson’s signature touchdown celebration along with remixed Jules and Raptor skins.


May is set to release the best value for money Crew Pack yet. May’s Crew Pack features an array of benefits outside of the standard offerings — all for no additional cost. And the month is just getting started. Based on leaks from patch v16.30, Fortnite players can expect to see more awesome cosmetics as the days go on.

Prepare your wallets — May’s Fortnite cosmetics are coming for them.


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Image via Epic Games

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