Fortnite has a big problem with matches finishing too fast, but there are some ways to mitigate the issue.

20:00, 11 Jul 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 has been a bag of mixed feelings for most of the community. In the beginning, fans were loving the map changes and grinding their way through the new Battle Pass. However, some time has passed since the start of the season and it appears the honeymoon phase has concluded.

Now, a recurring problem that has been in Fortnite for some time is starting to rear its ugly head yet again. Matches simply don’t last long enough due to so many players dying early on in the game. This makes the middle of matches slow and monotonous which leads to the end games being more about passiveness than aggressive play. While the problem is ongoing, a prominent figure in the community has offered some ways for Epic Games to fix the issue. 

Fixing Fortnite’s big problem 

This issue has been rampant in Fortnite for some time, although, it’s often forgotten about whenever a new season rolls around. Players want to explore every part of the new map and this often spreads out the early game mayhem. In regards to Season 3, Epic Games introduced a few different points of interest that were located in different regions of the map, which led to a more balanced game overall. 

Of course, this stopped a couple of weeks in once players discovered where the best places to land were. Locations like The Authority, The Fortilla, and Pleasant Park see constant action which leads to the early game player count dropping exponentially. By the time the first zone rolls around, it’s not uncommon to see less than 40-50 players left in the lobby. Most are dying in these high-traffic areas and that causes the rest of the match to move to a standstill. 

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot Epic Games can do to stop players from landing at a certain location. Similar to how Tilted Towers was back in Chapter 1, if a location is deemed the best spot to land, that’s where players will drop. However, there are some strategies Epic can use to promote other locations. YouTuber and streamer SypherPK went over some of his ideas in a recent video, and they could work if implemented. 

Essentially, Sypher looks at other battle royales currently in the scene, namely Hyper Scape and Call of Duty: Warzone. Both of these titles implement a unique way of dropping into the map, as Hyper Scape spreads out the 100 players and Warzone features such a high player count that every named location will receive some traffic. To go along with this, Hyper Scape and Warzone both allow for much easier respawning methods compared to Fortnite’s Reboot Van. 

Sypher detailed a few ways to combat this and allow for more player separation on the map. One of the first ways is to increase the speed of the Battle Bus. If the bus moves faster, then players don’t have as much time to pick and choose where they want to land. To add to that, Sypher also suggested that Epic Games increase the speed of gliders. This would enable more aggressive players to get around the map quicker and perhaps make landing at a far-away location more viable. 

Of course, Sypher also proposed that Epic Games take a look at the way respawning works in Fortnite. Warzone has seen great success with its Gulag feature and Hyper Scape really changed the game with its respawn areas and allowing dead players to still help their teammates. The Reboot Van was a good idea for its time but the genre has evolved since then and many are asking for Fortnite to do the same.

Fortnite Lobbies

Making it easier to respawn teammates is arguably the easiest and most efficient way to increase the length of Fortnite matches. An evolution of this feature allows players to still land in high-profile areas and be aggressive. However, with an easier way of getting back into the match, the player count wouldn’t drop so significantly by the time the first zone passes through. 

Hopefully, Epic Games at least considers some of Sypher’s ideas and takes the community feedback to heart. Fortnite is starting to be surpassed in certain areas and needs to adapt sooner rather than later. 

Images via Epic Games

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