Fortnite Master Chief Skin Has Been Leaked

Fortnite Master Chief Skin Has Been Leaked

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Tom Chapman


6th Dec 2020 19:40

It looks like there's more muscular might coming to Fortnite as Halo favourite Master Chief is the next big name set to jump off the Battle Bus for Chapter 2 Season 5. With the cataclysmic events of the Marvel-themed Season 4 behind us - and Galactus having been banished from the map - there are new threats on the horizon. We're already loving new character additions like the syrup-covered Mancake (part pancake, part man), but he's not alone. 

Although this season doesn't seem to be quite as story-driven, we know Agent Jonesy is back in action. Jonesy is recruiting his own team of mercenaries to stop characters escaping their loop. This is where the likes of Mancake and The Mandalorian's Din Djarin have come in. The Battle Pass confirmed some pretty cool additions, but leaks have already spoiled the surprise that God of War's Kratos is coming. Now, Kratos could go head-to-head with Halo's Master Chief.


Fortnite Master Chief skin: What does it look like?

Dataminer @Mang0e shared the skin and claims it comes from someone close to Epic who'd correctly leaked info on new map locations and The Mandalorian crossover. Elsewhere, we saw skins for a Warthog and Pelican, which are famous vehicles from the Halo franchise. The image originated from 4chan, which has a questionable history at best, and will explain the poor quality of the picture.

There's been a tonne of new content with Season 5. Alongside a new Crew subscription service, there are NPCs offering a bounty of gold for helping them on their quests. Added to this, Tilted Towers has returned as a major POI near the Zero Point. This time, it's fused with Salty Shores to become Salty Towers in the middle of an arid desert. As usual, it's unclear what's going on in Fortnite, but if the leaks are correct, it would make the game a neutral ground for crossover IPs - similar to the Smash Bros. universe.

Thanks to Sony and Microsoft being each other's biggest rivals, it would've once seemed impossible to imagine a world where Kratos and Master Chief would ever suit up together in the same game. Thankfully, it looks like everyone is willing to share their toys for now. Well, when it comes to Fortnite skins. 


Fortnite Master Chief skin: Is there more to come?

Alongside cosmetics, sleuths claim there's a capture the flag LTM coming alongside Master Chief. There's no news when any of the above could arrive (if they're legitimate), but expect them to land alongside Kratos. 

We previously questioned whether the Kratos skin would be a PlayStation-exclusive, and now that Master Chief has seemingly been added, it suggests each big studio could get their own skin. Does this mean we'll see Samus, Star Fox, or Adult Link to make sure Nintendo is also fairly represented? Personally, we feel a Samus skin would be a little close to Master Chief, but then again, they could both have a Fortnite showdown as mercs for hire.

Then again, some have suggested Kratos and Master Chief will be a reward for those who boot up the game on their shiny new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series consoles. Epic made a big deal about enhancing Fortnite for next-gen consoles, so it makes sense that developers want to see fans enjoying the brawler to its full potential. Either way, the recent Galactus endgame pulled in 15 million players as the biggest in-game event in Fortnite's history and proved there's still a huge appetite for Epic's flagship title. 


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