A ridiculous Fortnite Iron Man exploit is taking to players to record-breaking new heights.

11:00, 26 Sep 2020

Mr. Stark is suiting up and blasting off in Fortnite as Iron Man is a major player in the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4. Alongside Marvel favourites like Thor and Wolverine, Iron Man was one of the original eight skins that were introduced at the start of the season. Since then, we've seen the introduction of Stark Industries and several Iron Man challenges, as well as his Repulsor Gauntlets and Unibeam being powerful Mythic Abilities.

If you've been playing as Iron Man in Season 4, you'll know he's pretty handy when you're in a tight spot. Now, a Fortnite Iron Man exploit is quite literally launching players off the map and to dizzying new heights. Climbing higher than the Battle Bus, you'll need more than a glider to come down from this one. 


Excuse me, Fortnite? from r/FortNiteBR

Posting on Reddit, one player showed off how they took to the skies with Iron Man. Season 4 decided to vault Launch Pads for now, meaning escaping the storm has become a lot harder. Although you can use Crash Pads or Iron Man's thrusters for a quick getaway, neither is particularly effective. However, as the video shows, combining them has a hilarious consequence and Iron Man is catapulted to astronomical heights. In the short clip, the map becomes a tiny dot below as Iron Man continues to climb. 

We'd probably recommend you don't try this one if you suffer with vertigo. As redditors noted, this flying perk could help you escape the storm as it rapidly approaches in those final seconds. Other players loved the Fortnite Iron Man exploit and shared their own thoughts on it. One wrote, "Onward, towards Galactus", while another joked, "Your people needed you". 

Iron Man Fortnite

Someone else noted that the same effect can be caused when you combine Thor's Mjolnir strike and a Crash Pad, meaning it could be an exploit with Mythic Abilities and Crash Pads in general. In the meantime, make the most of the watching Tony Stark soar above the clouds. Let's see who can set the record for the highest Iron Man climb.


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Images via Epic Games

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