A new line of Fortnite Halloween skin bundles have been revealed by a reputable leaker.

09:30, 14 Oct 2020

Something is crawling out of the grave as Fortnite heads toward this spooky season with its own line of Halloween skin bundles. Despite being in the middle of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4, Epic Games is tinkering away on some crypt-worthy content ahead of October 31.

With Fortnitemares just around the corner, players have their first look at the Fortnite Halloween skin bundles. Fortnitemares is an annual event that celebrates all things Hallow's Eve with a sprinkling of horror across the map.

While developers have been hard at work with all those Marvel heroes and villains, there have been critiques Fortnitemares has been a little neglected in the run-up to the event. Thankfully, it looks like all that is about to change.


Trusted leaker ShiinaBR shared the four bundles in all their glory. Alongside Fortnite Halloween skins bundles, we're also hoping to see horror-themed challenges in the next update. Even if we're encouraged not to go out and physically trick or treat, you can knock on doors in Fortnite while dressed in your best horror outfits. 

Are the skin bundles free?

Further details were provided by FireMonkey, who broke down each of the four bundles. The Crypt Crashers Pack Crash will be bought with V-Bucks and includes Midnight Dusk, Arachne Couture, and Nightsurf Bomber skins. The Fanged Fashion Pack is also bought with V-Bucks and features pickackes Webweaver's Edge, Webspinner's Slice, and Dark Days. The Ultimate Reckoning Pack is bought with V-Bucks and has outfits called Gnash, Violet, and La Parca. Finally, there's the Daredevil Bundle (costing V-Bucks), featuring a Daredevil Outfit, Radar Senses Backbling, The Devil's Wings Glider, and Daredevil's Billy Clubs Pickaxe.

When does Fortnitemares start?

At the time of writing, there's no official confirmation from Epic Games on when Fornitemares will be rolling out. Although there's no exact release date for Fortnitemares, going off previous release dates means fans can expect the event to kick off within the next week.


It's interesting to note Daredevil is part of the drop instead of Blade. While we previously speculated the Blade skin could land as part of Fortnitemares, Epic got the jump and released him early. Yes, Daredevil does have a demonic guise, but it seems like a missed opportunity that the vampire hunter-hybrid didn't arrive with Fortnitemares.

Still, with Epic constantly dolling out updates (and another expected before the end of the month), Blade could have his own part to play in Fortnitemares. Whatever Epic is working on, it's sure to be a spooktacular surprise. 


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Images via Epic Games

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