Another meteor is on its way to Fortnite, although it looks set to pose a real threat.

14:32, 22 Mar 2021

Meteors have had a love-hate relationship with Fortnite, descending from the intergalactic realms to land on the map and wreak havoc. First introduced in Chapter 1 - Season 4 after a comet was seen circulating the skies in Season 3, the meteor that was predicted to destroy Tilted Towers crashed just outside Dusty Depot, creating a Divot whose namesake arose from the decimation left behind.

Since then, meteorites and other alike geodes have been found on the map having different effects.

Now, heading into Fortnite Season 6, it looks like we have a meddlesome boulder on our hands that looks set to squash Peely into a nice banana smoothie (let's hope Tomatohead, Lil Whip, and Beef Boss stay clear though, as that's one disgusting concoction).

According to esteemed leaker "HYPEX", a "Mysterious unreleased rock/comet/meteor" is on its way and is codenamed as a "boulder". HYPEX added "it has rolling physics, a "wake" effect" and "it's 1.5x times the height of the player".

Many have already put two and two together and come out with the results that a meteor could be coming towards the end of the season that will wipe out the prehistoric primal era that we're entering. With Jurassic World Raptors set to be on the way too, there's a distinct correlation between boulders and extinction that cannot be shaken.


Others have also linked the boulder to the arrival of The Foundation, as players are convinced is actually Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson. Backing this theory, HYPEX also said that the noise files for The Foundation are marked as "DJ", the initials of the former WWE wrestler-turned -movie hunk. 

Coming in as 1.5 times the size of Agent Jones, we may need an Indiana Jones crossover next where the fictional professor of archaeology turned whip-cracking adventurist has avid experience of dealing with such threats.

Season 6 will also bring 71 hidden quests to participate in which will reap over four million XP in rewards alongside a variety of consumables. 



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Image via Epic Games

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