Epic Games is offering extra Fortnite loot if you squad up and play with friends in April.

10:37, 07 Apr 2021

Grab your swag bag and get ready for squad goals AF, as Epic Games is encouraging the spirit of friendship in Fortnite. For a limited time only, you can earn some snazzy loot simply by playing with those who've been inactive for a while. Fortnite is dishing out glossy wraps and sprays for you to enjoy, with the big kahuna being a rare pickaxe if you manage to assemble your own team of fallen allies.

With Epic's battle royale bloodbath currently in the sixth season of its second chapter, some of us have been playing the fan-favourite Battle Royale mode for years now. This means it's likely you've probably formed your own Suicide Squad of expendable skins, as the likes of Raptor, Mystique, Love Ranger, and the Xenomorph from Alien leap into battle on a regular basis.

However, with critiques, the game isn't what it used to be - and after that mass exodus of Chapter 2 Season 1 - you might be a little low on numbers as your former teammates have abandoned the Battle Bus. Thankfully, Epic has an ingenious way to get the old gang back together again. 


How can you get extra Fortnite loot by playing with friends?

Aside from tournaments and official events, some think Fortnite doesn't do enough to make you play as a team. Seemingly noticing a swell in inactive players after THAT Chapter 2 drama, luring players back with the promise of free loot is a clever one. Posting on Twitter, the official Fortnite account showed off its plans for "Reboot a Friend". You don't actually have to reboot a friend in-game, so it's more of a metaphor of bringing a familiar face back to Fortnite


To make the most of Reboot a Friend, you need to scroll through your friends list and find someone who hasn't played for at least 30 days. If you invite them to a match, and they accept, you'll earn 100 points. For every friend who takes you up on the offer, you'll earn 100 points. Better yet, every match you play with the dormant player after this will also nab an extra 10 points. But what do you win?

The extra loot includes three tiers of rewards. Earning 100 points adds the Reboot a Friend Spray to your arsenal, 200 unlocks the Heartbeat Wrap, while 300 unleashes the Toxic Flash Glider. Finally, the top-tier of 400 points reveals the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe which comes and its two variants. Doing the maths, you only need to find four "lapsed players" to get the whole lot. 


How easy is it to earn extra Fortnite loot with friends?

A possible flaw in the system is the fact most of your friends list is probably full of active players. If you're anything like us, it's also populated with a bunch of randoms that thought you were great when randomly matched in a squad, then added you after. Added to this, are you really going to be able to persuade a "lapsed player" to come back with the promise of a pickaxe? Maybe if there was some sort of exclusive skin at the top level of rewards, it would've helped the promo. 


It's also a complicated process where you have to sign up for the Reboot a Friend site. Still, if you're sold, follow these instructions:

  • Head over to the Reboot a Friend website.
  • Choose up to three eligible friends you’d like to reboot.
  • Play games with those friends to earn points and receive prizes.
  • Drop-in and join the fun to earn never-before-released items -- for FREE! Note: these items may be made available to players elsewhere at another date.

Doing the maths, it would take 40 matches with a friend to earn all of the above. Obviously, if you can fill your squad with three friends, it'll only take 14 matches to do the same. Of course, there are those of us who are lone wolves that are more than happy pottering around the map on our own in Solos. Others are willing to jump off the Battle Bus with a group of unknowns and tackle Squads with three strangers. In better news, you'll also earn 10 points for every one of your friends you play with.

Reboot a Friend runs from April 6 until April 26, so get recruiting!


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Images via Epic Games

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