Fortnite Fans Hate The New Spider-Man Skins

Fortnite Fans Hate The New Spider-Man Skins
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Tom Chapman


15th Dec 2021 09:49

How hard was it really to do? You've got one of the biggest movies of the pandemic era waiting in the wings, and instead of doing a Spider-Man: No Way Home crossover, Epic Games went and settled on Gears of War in Fortnite

We're shouting "go web, go" as Tom Holland swings back into cinemas - hopefully with a few more familiar faces from the Spiders of Christmas past - while the wall-crawling hero also finds himself in Epic's battle royale blockbuster. Sadly, three new Spider-Man skins have caught the game in a web of complaints.

What Are The New Spider-Man Skins?

As uncovered by known dataminer HYPEX, there are three new Spider-Man skins on their way to Fortnite. The problem is, the seemingly lazy Fortnite team haven't pulled from the many years of Spider-Man skins in the comics or on the silver screen.

Instead, we have simplistic variants that come in red and black, aqua and black, and yellow/gold and black. It's basically last season's customisable Toonafish all over again.

We guess the red and black could possibly pass for a Miles Morales-inspired skin, while the gold and black looks a little like one of Holland's new suits in No Way Home, but on the whole, fans are calling out this cheap wardrobe change for Stan Lee's favourite superhero. 

What Have Fans Said About The Spider-Man Suits?

The suits have split the board, with many branding them knock-off versions of official suits from the Spiderverse. Maybe Epic couldn't secure the rights to a Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield-inspired suit?

"Fake ass Miles Morales," said one disgruntled gamer. Another added, "Those seem kind of boring and lazy as hell," and a third said, "Am I the only one who hates these stupid "super styles"? We could have so many better, creative styles for skins but they decide to make it these stupid solid colors."

Not everyone was completely against it though, with one person concluding, "I’m not going to lie, those look awesome. But I can’t help but feel like there’s an obvious missed opportunity to showcase some other Spidey suits. Spider armor? Scarlet Spider (both Ben and Kane)? Big Time? Secret War? So many options missed."

Whether you hate them or love them, expect the variants to be unlocked past level 140 on the battle pass. This means you won't have to spend those precious V-bucks to get your web-shooters on them, or go full Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 by holding up a bank. With this in mind, here's hoping some actual Spidey suits for the likes of Miles and co. will be coming to the shop soon.


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