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13:18, 24 Mar 2021

Fortnite's movie mashup mayhem has taken another world-famous prehistoric battle queen and placed her right in the thick of a pending primal overtake. Renowned for her devil may care attitude, piercing brown eyes, and a speciality at slinging pistols and arrows from vines and boulders, Lara Croft has landed feet first in Fortnite and has brought her very own game mode too.

In typical fashion, Lara comes with a sleek skin-tight vest and strapping shorts bolstered with her akimbo gun holsters on each leg. With a ponytail as tight as her grip on a crossbow, players can take Lara home through the Croft Manor game mode. The mansion is a stunning replica of the house which has been portrayed in many films and games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and despite its new colour palette and a few pools of lava, it makes for a pretty spot-on remake.

Within the game mode, Lara will devise puzzles and parkour to storm each platform and work her way through yet another obstacle course. Of course, for the blistering heroine, a couple of elongated leaps is nothing short of a warm-up before leaving the house and embarking on a new adventure, although in Fortnite terms it makes for an enjoyable game mode.

Completing the maze and escaping the manor will grant you an exclusive reward which will surely add flair to your game. The Tomb Raider inspired spray can be used to mark the ash piles of fallen foes from a swift Lara Croft bolt, sprinkling the little bit of sass that comes with her savage nature.

Croft Manor will be available to play until March 31, although it can still be accessed after being removed from the homepage by heading into the Fortnite Creator mode and using the code 0116-9392-3142.


Happy shooting, spraying, slinging, and Tomb Raider-ing.


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Image via Epic Games

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