There's a new Epic Games leak as it looks like the Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle has been revealed early.

10:44, 14 Sep 2020

While skins are usually just for display, there's a new leak of the Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle that can turn your avatar into a Ghost of Tsushima-inspired samurai. In the midst of the Marvel-packed Chapter 2 Season 4, it's easy to forget Epic Games has been slowly rolling out a whole host of other cosmetics for those who don't want to zoom around the map as Thor, Iron Man, and the X-Men. 

Following in the footsteps of the Samurai Scrapper skins that gave a dystopian twist to the classic samurai look, the Corrupted Legends bundle is giving an update to this classic Fortnite look. 


Here's how the Corrupted Legends will look in the shop - The price is a placeholder. (via/ShookPA) from r/FortniteLeaks

Posting on Reddit, u/ShookPA showed off the Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle in all its glory. The glossy skins included are named Corrupted Arachne, the Corrupted Insight, and the Corrupted Shogun. As well as an updated look, each of the skins comes with its own themed backpack. 

The description explains, "What is your chaotic alignment? How will you balance the scales? This pack’s cosmetics come with a slider that allows you to tune how corrupted your outfit is!". There's no official price yet, but going off previous bundles, it could be up to $24.99. Although there's also no release date, we're expecting them soon.

Fortnite Joker Skin

You'll all remember the Shogun, Arachne, and Insight skins, however, what makes the Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle different is its ability to customise. There's a slider system that will allow players to decide just how corrupted they want their skin to appear. The base colour is white, however, they really come into their own as you dial up the corruption.

Corrupted legends in the third skin pack to land in Season 4 - coming after Street Serpent and Samurai Scrapper. That's not all though, remember that we've already had a peek at the Shadow Legends and Last Laugh bundles. When it comes to the Last Laugh, a drop of DC skins are on the way that will bring the Joker and Poison Ivy into the map. Following the Marvel season, there's at least a nod to DC, however, we'll have to wait and see if it's more than just a few cosmetics.

Either way, stepping out in your Fortnite Corrupted Legends bundle is sure to make you the talk of the Tomato Town.

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Images via Epic Games

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