Fortnite x Pokémon?

16:31, 26 Dec 2020

As Fortnite continues to grow, collaborations have become a major part of Epic Games strategy. It’s become evident that there isn’t a company or individual out there too big for Fortnite. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Travis Scott, and Nike are just a few of the names that have already partnered with Fortnite.

With the sky as our limit, let’s discuss some potential Fortnite crossovers players would love to see in 2021.

Fortnite x 100 Thieves

Fashion and gaming collabs have been all the rage in recent years. We’ve seen Champion partner with brands like FaZe and OpTic. Luxury brand Louis Vuitton designs the League of Legends esports trophies and has their own skins in-game. Fortnite is no stranger to collaborating with apparel brands. Fortnite partnered with Nike’s Jordan to create the Fortnite x Jumpman collab. With it came special skins and a limited-time creative mode.

100 Thieves, founded by esports legend, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, would be an ideal partner for a Fortnite collab. 100 Thieves started as an apparel brand but naturally grew into an esports organization that also focuses on apparel.

100 Thieves has a history of willingness to collaborate in this space. Popular third-person shooter, Rogue Company, features an in-game cosmetic bundle highlighting 100 Thieves-themed skins, weapon wraps, and gliders. Fortnite could easily work a similar deal with 100 Thieves. Envision Jonesy and other Fortnite heroes dripped out in 100 Thieves apparel.

100 Thieves has deservingly earned a lot of goodwill in the gaming community. A collab like this would benefit both parties.


Fortnite x Pokémon

One of the most impressive things Fortnite has done is bring together the major video game companies of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Each of these companies has inked exclusive deals with Fortnite relating to skins and other cosmetic items. Most notably, Sony and Microsoft ended a multi-year stalemate on crossplay. Before Fortnite, these two companies refused to allow crossplay between their consoles. Now, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch players can all join up in the same lobby.


Fortnite’s partnership with these companies reached new heights this month with the release of a Kratos skin from God of War and a Master Chief skin from the Halo series. That just leaves us with Nintendo.


What better way to top off these massive collabs than with a Fortnite x Pokémon collab? Pokémon would fit right in with the Fortnite universe. Pokémon’s vibe and art style align almost identically to Fortnite's. Additionally, the demographic of Pokémon fans almost certainly matches up with the demographic of people that play Fortnite. A collaboration such as this would be a win-win for both sides.

Implementing Pokémon into Fortnite would be a breeze. For one, Pokémon would serve great as back blings/pets. We’ve already seen Rocket Raccoon from Guardian of the Galaxy make his way into Fortnite as a pet that travels along with the player. Fortnite players could acquire all kinds of different Pokémon to travel with them in their battles.


Pokémon has tons of characters perfectly suited to be transformed into Fortnite skins. Ash, Nurse Joy, and many other trainers would make for great skins.

Finally, Pokémon is home to many great locals. The locations and scenery in Pokémon are beautiful and diverse. Imagine Pallet Town or one of the other many cities and islands of Pokémon transformed into a point of interest (POI) on the Fortnite map.

The opportunity is endless. Fortnite x Pokémon would break the internet.

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Fortnite x Naruto

Video games and anime go hand in hand. There’s a long history of anime television series based off of video games and video games based off of anime television series. Further, both of these forms of media target the same demographic. A large percentage of gamers watch anime and vice versa.

It’s hard to picture a better collaboration than one of Fortnite and Naruto. Both Fortnite and Naruto sit atop of their respective genres. Fusing them together would be a match made in heaven.


Fortnite is already littered with ninja skins and a full-fledged anime-style skin was just released in Chapter 2 - Season 5’s Battle Pass. And the signature Naruto run already exists in the game as an emote! The foundation is there, we just need the two to come together in collaboration.


Naruto has a deep, rich history of characters. Naruto has aired over 700 episodes throughout its series. That’s hundreds of hours of character development. Transforming these characters into Fortnite skins would be a major hit.

A collab with Naruto also opens up the door for different limited-time items. If Fortnite devs can work in items such as Iron Man’s Unibeam and Thanos’ Gauntlet, Shurikens and other ninja weapons would be an easy task. 

Fortnite and Naruto both have extremely loyal and dedicated fanbases. Merge the worlds together for the ultimate crossover.

Fortnite x Spider-Man

Chapter 2 - Season 4’s entire focus was on superheroes and villains. Marvel went all-out in their collaboration, bringing us icons like Wolverine, Storm, Venom, Mystique, and much more. DC even stepped into the mix with the Last Laugh Bundle featuring The Joker and Poison Ivy. Leaks reveal that even more heroes are on their way, including Black Panther.


At this point, it feels like everyone BUT Spider-Man has a skin in Fortnite. There have been small hints throughout the game files and in-game that led some to believe Spider-Man was on the way. However, Peter Parker is still nowhere to be seen.

Fortnite should give the people what they want. Spider-Man is debatably the most popular hero in the entire Marvel universe. Maybe Fortnite is strategically saving the best for last. Regardless, Fortnite x Spider-Man is definitely a crossover we want to see in 2021.


Fortnite x National Basketball Association

A Fortnite x National Basketball Association (NBA) seems like a no-brainer. The National Football League (NFL) has already partnered with Fortnite to release an entire line of NFL-themed skins.

There’s already basketball skins in the game, so why not push it to the next level with licensed NBA skins? The NBA is probably an even better match for Fortnite than the NFL was. Basketball is a global sport, unlike American Football. According to, Basketball is the 7th most popular sport in the world with 825 million players and fans worldwide. 


The NBA as a league has seen tremendous growth in recent years. A crossover with Fortnite could expose Basketball to new fans and continue to cultivate the NBA. Sports fans are among the most dedicated fan bases out there, so selling NBA team skins would print money for Fortnite.


There’s no doubt that Fortnite has more collabs in the works. Only time will tell if any of the ones on this list are among them.

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