360K XP worth of new challenges

12:00, 23 Jul 2020

Congratulations Fortnite players! We are officially 50% of the way through Chapter 2 - Season 3. By now, players should have made significant progress through the Battle Pass and be closing in on the final stages of the Build-a-Brella.

If you’re a little behind, fear not. We have all the tips and tricks you’ll need to catch back up with the crowd. Week 6 offers nine challenges worth a record total of 360K XP. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Fortnite Challenges Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 6 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

Fortnite Challenges Guide

Deal damage at Rickety Rig (500) - 35,000 XP

It’s pertinent to get this challenge done ASAP. Rickety Rig isn’t the most popular POI. There are no Mythic Weapons at the location and the loot is scarce for how remote the POI is. 

Players will head here in packs at the start of the week. However, as the days go on Rickety Rig will get less and less busy. Join the flock and knock this challenge out of the way first.

If you end up missing the opportunity, the challenge can still be done, it’ll just be more difficult. You can always keep dropping Rickety Rig and hoping to run into other players there. If that doesn’t work, pay attention to the storm circle each match. If it drags toward the bottom left of the map, players may be able to complete this challenge mid-game.

Eliminations at Pleasant Park (3) - 35,000 XP

One of the few OG Fortnite POIs still around. Pleasant Park holds dear in the minds of many players. This fact makes completing this challenge a breeze. Pleasant Park is always popping, regardless of if there is a challenge going on or not.

There’s not too much more to this one in our Fortnite challenges guide. Pick a house, grab what loot you can find and get out there and third-party some people. 

Fortnite Challenges Guide

Land at The Authority and finish Top 25 (1) - 35,000 XP

Take note, the challenge says LAND at The Authority. This means you don’t have to fight or do anything else at all. Usually, dropping at The Authority is a death sentence. The mix of Henchmen, Mythic items and all the real players makes it a lost cause for most. Plus, this challenge can not be completed in Team Rumble, making it even more difficult.

Use the wording of the challenge to your advantage. Land at The Authority and instantly dip out. Grab a boat, helicopter, or just swim away. From there, play it slow and avoid confrontation. This will make getting Top 25 a breeze. 

Players that want to get this challenge done as soon as possible should follow this unorthodox strategy. 

Gas up a Vehicle at Catty Corner (1) - 35,000 XP

Drivable Cars and Trucks will make an appearance in the Fortnite universe very soon. One of the features of these vehicles is that they run on gas. Players will need to visit gas stations around the map to refuel. This challenge asks players to head to Catty Corner’s gas station and fill up their vehicles’ tank.

Be patient with this challenge. Catty Corner is dangerous. The location is flooded with powerful Henchmen and a hot-drop for real players. Grab a vehicle from an outside location first. Cars and Trucks will be everywhere on release. Use this to your advantage.

Wait some time and drive on over to Catty Corner. By now, the Henchmen will likely all be eliminated and the players will have moved on. This makes gassing up the vehicle much easier. Cruise on in mid-game for a painless challenge.

Fortnite Challenges Guide

Catch a weapon at Stack Shack (1) - 35,000 XP

A lot of players may not be familiar with Stack Shack. It’s an unnamed POI hidden way off on the edge of the map. More specifically, it is in the A4 tile, west of Holly Hedges. It’ll be hard to miss. The small island is home to a single shack filled with fishing equipment. Finding it is the hard part. All players have to do next is grab a Fishing Rod and cast until they catch a weapon.

If you find yourself having difficulty with other players, either save the challenge for later or head into Team Rumble. Both of these options will protect you from griefers.

Search Chests (10) - 35,000 XP

This week the developers are taking a classic route with a few of the challenges. As time has gone on, challenges have grown in diversity and uniqueness. We’ve gone from “eliminate three players with a pump shotgun” to elaborate challenges requiring the cooperation of four players.

This week, Fortnite is going back to basics. All players need to do is open 10 chests anywhere on the map. There’s not really any strategy to this. Head to a chest dense area if you’re in a rush but this challenge will also unlock through standard gameplay.

Search Chests (100) - 80,000 XP

This is more of a season-long challenge than a weekly challenge. Just like the above challenge, except players need to open 100 chests this time. This will take quite a few games, regardless of where you land or what game mode you select.

We suggest putting this challenge from our Fortnite challenges guide in the back of your mind. Just play normally and it will unlock with time. When it's all said and done, a massive 80,000 XP will be awarded.

Fortnite Challenges Guide

Search Ammo Boxes at Salty Springs (7) - 35,000 XP

ANOTHER Salty Springs challenge. It seems like there’s a challenge here every week.

For this one, players will need to open seven Ammo Boxes. This can be done all at once or over time. As we’ve discussed before, it’s always easier to do these challenges later in the week. Salty Springs is a popular drop spot as it is. With challenges attached, it gets even hotter. Wait a few days to attempt this challenge. Avoid the mob and save yourself the extra time and stress.

Search Chests at Lazy Lake (7) - 35,000 XP

More “Search Chest” challenges! This challenge offers the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Searching chests at Lazy Lake will count toward both this challenge and the two other “Search Chest” challenges released this week. That means one chest will give three challenges worth of credit.

As such, there will be a ton of players heading to Lazy Lake this week. If you want to cheese this challenge, search for a game and drop to Lazy Lake. Loot chests till they’re all gone and leave the match. Search again and do the same thing. Repeat until you have acquired seven chests. 

Obviously, this is a bit of a loophole. Players can opt to follow the above steps but without leaving the match. The challenge will be satisfied, all the same, it’ll just take longer.

Regardless, make sure you complete this challenge and all your uncompleted “Search Chest” challenges from prior weeks ASAP. Do this before targeting the “search 10/100 chests” challenges. This will ensure players get the absolute max value out of each looted chest.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features and more.

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