Aquaman’s Trident Pickaxe is now available

15:00, 13 Jul 2020

Chapter 2 - Season 3 is flying by. We are already on Week 5 of the new season. Fortnite players have come to learn that a new week means more new challenges. Week 5 brings eight standard challenges plus another Aquaman Challenge. Each challenge rewards a precious 35,000 XP toward the Battle Pass. Completing all Week 5 challenges will reward players with a total of 280K XP. Perhaps more exciting than the XP, the Aquaman Challenge will reward the highly anticipated Trident Pickaxe.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Challenge Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 5 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Search Chests at Sweaty Sands (7) - 35,000 XP

PLEASE do yourselves a favour and save this challenge for last. You’ll understand why if you visited Salty Springs in Week 4 or are familiar with the infamous Risky Reels challenge. 

Sweaty Sands will be insanely contested early in the week as impatient players rush to complete their challenges. Based on recent history, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see 20+ players land here each game. There are only so many chests to go around. Don’t expect to open more than 1-2 chests a trip. Best case scenario, it will take 3-4 games to finish this one challenge.

Alternatively, do this challenge last. Wait a couple of days and the hype will die down significantly. Instead of taking 4+ games, it may only take one or two. Plus, the chance of premature death is significantly lessened. Hold off on this challenge and save yourself the headache.

Eliminations at Retail Row (3) - 35,000 XP

Finding volunteers for this challenge should be rather easy. Retail Row is one of the most popular POIs and is usually packed regardless of challenges. Players can likely complete this challenge on their own schedule, though it’ll be easier early in the week.

As with most elimination challenges, the safest method is via Team Rumble. In Team Rumble, players respawn infinitely. This allows you to drop right back into the location following a failed attempt. Also, enemies will keep coming back for more, leading to more kills.

Launch a game and take note of where the circle opens up at. If it’s far from Retail Row, consider leaving and searching again. It shouldn’t take too many attempts to get a circle that includes Retail Row.

From here, patrol the POI in hunt of enemy players. You may need to wait some time while everyone loots up. As the match progresses, players of all skill levels should have no issue finding three eliminations. 

Use a Firefly Jar or Flare Gun at Misty Meadows (1) - 35,000 XP

This challenge involves a bit of RNG but shouldn’t prove too difficult. Head to Misty Meadows and search the exterior for firefly swarms and the interior for a Flare Gun. While it’ll take some luck, neither of these new items is super rare or popular, so there’s a good chance one of the two will be left behind. Next, simply use the item and you’ll complete the challenge. Easy 35K XP.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Land at The Yacht and finish top 25 (1) - 35,000 XP

A very straight forward challenge. Players will need to land at The Yacht POI and survive until only 25 players remain.

The Yacht is located at the north most point of the map. No bosses or Mythic items exist on The Yacht, meaning that it usually isn’t too busy. With how quick games end and how fast players are eliminated nowadays, placing top 25 is rather easy. Players will only need to survive 1-2 storm cycles in standard modes. This can be completed without ever stepping foot into combat.

If you’re having trouble completing this challenge normally, plot an escape to safer territory. Consider landing near one of the many Motorboats attached to The Yacht. Get in and head toward one of the more remote points that exist both to the left and right of The Yacht. There will pretty much never be any other players at these locations. Hold tight and watch the player count die down. Move in with the Storm and keep a low profile. Follow these steps for another 35K XP and a checked-off challenge.

Catch fish at Craggy Cliffs (5) - 35,000 XP

Craggy Cliffs has returned! This POI has been submerged underwater ever since the Doomsday Event. As Chapter 2 - Season 3 has progressed, the water levels have begun to lower. This week, Craggy Cliffs rose from the ashes.

This challenge involves visiting the sunken POI and catching five fish. At the current water levels, most of the location is still underwater. With that, there’s a lot of fishing pools available. Find a rod and start fishing. If you’re lucky, enemy players may leave you be. Another option would be to enter Team Rumble where death is less punishing.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Upgrade a weapon at Salty Springs (1) - 35,000 XP

This challenge involves a few steps. First, players will need to find an upgradable weapon. This could be a standard Assault Rifle, A Tactical or Charge Shotgun, or a plethora of other weapons. Just make sure it’s not a weapon at max rarities like a Legendary Scar or a Flare Gun.

Next, players will need to acquire the necessary material to perform an upgrade. The required material counts are as follows:

  • Common to Uncommon: 50 each
  • Uncommon to Rare: 150 each
  • Rare to Epic: 250 each
  • Epic to Legendary: 350 each

Finally, players will need to make their way to the Salty Springs Upgrade Station. Perform the upgrade quickly as there may be enemies lying in wait. Doing so will net you 35K XP and completion of this pesky challenge.

Salty Springs is a popular POI. Its central location coupled with great loot leads to lots of players landing here. Add on the fact that multiple challenges go on here, and the result is a highly contested drop.

Players may find it difficult to find an appropriate weapon and farm materials without getting killed. If you find yourself in this position, consider landing outside of Salty Springs. You don’t need to land there to get credit for the challenge. Find a gun and gather materials in a safer location. Wait for things to die down and head into Salty once you're ready. This strategy has a much higher chance of survival.

Collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks (1) - 35,000 XP

Weeks 3 and 4 had players visit Lazy Lake and Pleasant Park in search of floating blue rings. This week takes Fortnite players far north-east, to Steamy Stacks. Instead of four different rings like in Week 3, players only need to collect one ring. 

There are a few different methods players can use. One, fly in off the bus and head straight toward the ring. Two, hit the air vents inside either of the two stacks to redeploy in the air and collect the ring. Three, farm materials and build to the ring. The ring will be bright blue and spin around

Use one of these three approaches and complete the routine challenge.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Search Ammo Boxes at The Fortilla (7) - 35,000 XP

Similar to the “search chests” challenges, this one asks that players search Ammo Boxes at a specific POI. On the bright side, The Fortilla is a large POI and filled with plenty of Ammo Boxes. On the downside, it’s always contested and guarded by aggressive Henchmen.

Completing this challenge in the standard modes could be taxing. The combination of enemy players and Henchmen means that fighting is guaranteed. It’s hard to collect Ammo Boxes with such a high presence of hostile foes.

This challenge really shines in Team Rumble. In this mode, there are no Henchmen. That alone makes things much easier. Additionally, far fewer players will drop at The Fortilla. The incentive just isn’t there with no Mythic items to acquire and its distance from the center. 

Players should have no problem finding seven Ammo Boxes in one go. If you find yourself short, you can back out of the match with no penalties and finish the challenge up in a new game.

Fortnite Week 5 Challenges

Aquaman Challenge: Claim your Trident at Coral Cove (1)

The moment Fortnite fans have been waiting for. Aquaman’s Trident Pickaxe is now available. 

For weeks players have wondered when they’ll finally get a worthwhile reward from the Aquaman Challenges. Starting this week, players can get ahold of Aquaman’s signature gold Trident.

To obtain the Trident, travel to the Coral Cove, just south-west of where The Shark POI used to stand. On a large rock, stands the legendary Trident. Climb up and claim the Trident for permanent access to Aquaman’s pickaxe.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGRecon_ for Fortnite news, guides, features and more.

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