Let us guide you through the brand new Week 3 challenges.

14:00, 30 Jun 2020

Another week, another set of fresh challenges. Week 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 3 brings eight standard challenges plus another Aquaman Challenge. Each challenge rewards a precious 35,000 XP toward the Battle Pass. Completing all Week 3 challenges will reward players with a total of 280K XP.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Challenge Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 3 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Search Chests or Ammo boxes at Misty Meadows (7) - 35,000 XP

If you’ve paid attention to our previous Challenge Guides, you would know that this challenge is best saved for last.

Misty Meadows will be packed early in the week as players rush to complete their challenges as quickly as possible. This means that the POI will be heavily contested. The dense presence of players implies fewer chests and ammo boxes to go around. Also, a higher chance of premature death.

If you have some patience, this challenge can be completed in one go with way less risk. Consider waiting a day or two before attempting this challenge. This will ensure that there will be plenty of chests and ammo boxes to go around. Take your time now and save yourself a lot of time later.

Eliminations at The Authority (3) - 35,000 XP

Fortnite players should have no trouble finding targets for this challenge. Sitting dead centre on the map, The Authority is always one of the most packed POIs. Its prime location coupled with the presence of two Mythic items all but guarantees that there will be swarms of players there.

The safest way to complete this challenge is in the Team Rumble mode. The lack of Henchmen spawns in Team Rumble means that players won’t have to deal with their persistence and laser-like aim interfering with the challenge. Even sweeter, The Authority’s centre location will almost always be within the Storm’s limits. 

Players should have plenty of time to land at The Authority and rack up kills on real players. The best part about Team Rumble, if you die, just soar down and try again.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Collect Floating Rings at Lazy Lake (4) - 35,000 XP

Similar to challenges from previous seasons, this one has players flying through floating rings as they descend onto the Fortnite map. These rings will be up in the sky over Lazy Lake.

Head to Team Rumble for this one. Regardless of where the Battle Bus comes from, glide over to the Lazy Lake POI. Try to nab as many rings as possible before touching the ground. If you can’t get four, don’t worry. That’s what’s so special about Team Rumble. Build up high and jump to your death. You’ll spawn in the sky once again and can chase after more rings. Do this until you’ve flown through four total rings.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Dance on top of the Crane at Rickety Rig (1) - 35,000 XP

Nobody is complaining about this challenge. It’s always nice when the developers sprinkle in a care-free, casual challenge here and there. 

This time, players simply need to exit the Battle Bus and glide on over to the Rickety Rig POI. Aim for the tall orange crane pictured above — you can’t miss it. Do a little jig (or use any emote, for that matter) and the challenge will be complete.

Deal damage from inside the cornfield at Frenzy Farm (100) - 35,000 XP

This challenge can get a little tricky. Players will need to deal damage to enemies while inside the Frenzy Farm cornfield. This becomes more complicated when you realize other players will be looking to hide in the corn and deal damage as well. 

Players looking to complete this challenge should head to Frenzy Farm and immediately hunt for a weapon. As soon as one is found, head into the corn before other players do. From here, chill out and perform reconnaissance on the location. Find unsuspecting enemies and unleash fire. 

Make sure to stay in the cornfield. If you exit to chase players the damage done will be void. Ideally, other players will enter the corn after you and you can either catch them off guard or engage in a standard fight. Either way, dealing damage via these methods will grant completion of the challenge.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Destroy cars within 60 secs of landing at Retail Row from the Battle Bus (2) - 35,000 XP

Here, players should follow the strategy of the “Search Chests or Ammo boxes” challenges. If you attempt this challenge too early, you may run into groups of other players doing the same thing. With only 60 seconds to complete the challenge, this task may turn difficult. Retail Row only has so many cars to go around.

Preferably, players should wait a day or two and jump into any game mode. Dive straight down into Retail Row and target a car. Immediately begin to pickaxe it, hitting the critical points whenever possible. After that, turn your eyes toward a second car. Repeat the previously mentioned steps and there you go, challenge complete.

Following this method should save a lot of time and stress. If you are in a rush, just make sure to watch out for other players. Most enemies landing at Retail Row will be looking to destroy cars as well or even worse, grief you. 

Land a Choppa at the bottom of Steamy Stacks (1) - 35,000 XP

One of the more unique challenges, this one requires players to take to the air and land a Choppa at the bottom of the Steamy Stacks POI. If you’re looking for a Choppa, they spawn at the following locations:

  • The Authority

  • Rickety Rig

  • The Fortilla

  • Sweaty Sands

  • Misty Meadows

  • Frenzy Farm

  • The Yacht

  • Weather Station above Catty Corner

  • Weather Station north of Frenzy Farm

The Choppas at The Yacht, Frenzy Farm and the Weather Station north of Frenzy Farm are located closest to Steamy Stacks. Choose one and head there immediately at the start of the game. Grab the Choppa and pilot it to your destination. 

This challenge is best done early in the game. Everyone is under-looted and won’t have enough ammo and supplies to bother you. If you can get your hands on a Choppa, everything is easy sailing from there.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Deal damage to opponents at Catty Corner (200) - 35,000 XP

These types of challenges should usually be completed first but in this case, it doesn’t matter. Catty Corner is the hottest spot on the map. Kit, the Vault and two Mythic Weapons make it so.

Catty Corner is a small, congested POI. There is barely enough loot to go around for the number of players that visit it. The number one priority should be to find a gun. This will put you ahead of most players as they frantically try to do the same. Once a weapon has been acquired, sneak around and try to third-party players that are dealing with the plethora of Henchmen. They won’t have time to worry about you when they have mobs of aggressive Henchmen all around. Focusing on these defenceless players is the path of least resistance.

This challenge may take a few attempts. Stay persistent and the opportunity to capitalize on this strategy will arise.

Fortnite Challenges Week 3

Aquaman Challenge: Catch different types of fish in a single match (2)

This challenge can be completed with little to no effort at all. Drop into a location of your choosing and grab a Fishing Rod and/or Harpoon. These are commonly found on docks at POIs like Sweaty Sands and Misty Meadows. However, they are located all over the map.

First, use the rod on any body of water. This will net you a Small Fry. Next look for one of the many Fishing Spots. These are the circles of water with white ripple waves and fish leaping out. Use the fishing device on one of these spots to catch a second type of fish. Fishing Spots are home to Floppers, Slurpfish and on extremely rare occasions, the Mythical Goldfish.

According to recent leaks, the Fortnite waters will soon be home to five new kinds of fish. This will make completing this challenge even easier.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here at GGRecon for Fortnite news, guides, features and more.

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