Two weeks left to complete the Chapter 2 - Season 4 Battle Pass!

14:00, 22 Oct 2020

It’s spooky season. Fortnitemares has arrived, and shadows are haunting the island. However, we must not forget our main mission. Marvel supervillain, Galactus, threatens reality as we know it. Galactus and his minions will arrive on the island any moment now. Our Fortnite champions have recruited the help of Marvel superheroes such as the Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Together, they must defend reality at all costs.

Chapter 2 - Season 4’s Battle Pass came chock-full of all the iconic characters fans have come to love. Unlocking Doctor Doom, Mystique, Iron Man, and more, requires levelling up the Battle Pass. Completing challenges throughout the season is essential for levelling up the Battle Pass. Some players love the activity of challenge hunting. For others, it may feel like a chore. Regardless, they are a necessity for those looking to earn all of the exclusive rewards.

Challenges were actually nerfed this season. Standard challenges now offer 25,000 XP and the Party Assist challenge grants 50,000 XP. Compare this to last season where standard challenges gave 35,000 XP, and the Party Assist challenges offered a massive 80,000 XP. This means completing all of the challenges is even more pertinent this season. Players that still need to catch up should check out our Week 8 Challenge Guide.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Challenge Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 9 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

Fortnite Challenges Week 9

Search Chests at Holly Hedges (7) - 25,000 XP

To Holly Hedges we go in search of seven chests. Holly Hedges is a smaller POI, so finding seven chests in one go may be difficult. Ideally, players should refer to the following strategy:

  1. Enter either the Solos or Team Rumble playlist
  2. Hot-drop down to Holly Hedges
  3. Pick a corner and proceed to loot as many chests as quickly as possible
  4. Once Holly Hedges has been cleared, leave the match
  5. Repeat these steps until seven chests have been searched

This method promotes speed and efficiency. It may take a few matches, but following these steps will ensure that this challenge gets done as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, players can opt to save this challenge for last. Holly Hedges will be heavily contested for a day or two after the Week 9 challenges drop. The more players, the fewer chests to go around. Wait a couple of days, and the competition for chests will have mostly disappeared. At this point, it may only take one or two matches to open all seven chests. 

Eliminations at Slurpy Swamps (5) - 25,000 XP

Head down to Slurpy Swamps and check out the new spooky decorations celebrating Fortnitemares. While you’re there, eliminate five total players to complete the second challenge of Week 9.


This challenge runs polar opposite to the one above. Elimination challenges should be completed ASAP. Early in the week, everyone rushes to complete their challenges. This means Slurpy Swamps will be packed with players looking to pick up eliminations. 

Take advantage of this. Become a third-party machine. Listen for gunshots and keep a lookout for distracted enemies. Jump in and clean up these kills whenever possible. Prey on the weak and you’ll have this challenge done in a match or two max.

This is another challenge that greatly benefits from the Team Rumble mode. In Team Rumble, players have infinite respawns. Chill out at Slurpy Swamps all game and wait for enemies to come your way. If you die, just drop right back down.

Fortnite Challenges Week 9

Collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks (4) - 25,000 XP

The devs must be running out of ideas because this challenge is a repeat of one from last season. Players must collect a bundle of floating blue rings at the Steamy Stacks POI.


The challenge may be the same, but the rings are located in different spots this time. Ring One can be found on the far west side of Steamy Stacks. The ring is in a small room on the lower roof. Ring Two is on top of a tall metal tower in the middle of Steamy Stacks. Ring Three can be found on a metal pipe just west of the giant south stack. The final ring is actually inside of the easternmost building. The ring is on a pipe upstairs.

Most of the rings are up in the sky, so make sure you have adequate building materials beforehand. Visual learners can refer to the image above for the exact ring locations.

Dance at the highest spot and the lowest spot on the map (2) - 25,000 XP

We love to see fun, unique challenges like this one. Players must dance at the highest and lowest points on the map.


The highest point of the map is a landmark called Mount Kay. Mount Kay is marked by a red flag placed on the peak of the massive snowy mountains south of Catty Corner. Dance next to the flag to complete the first step of this challenge.


The lowest point of the map rests in the submerged utopia of Coral Castle. Head inside the main structure in the middle of Coral Castle. Once inside, perform any emote. This will complete the challenge.

Land at Sharky Shell and finish Top 25 (1) - 25,000 XP

This challenge is a simple one. Players must land at Sharky Shell and end the match in the Top 25. This can be done in Solos, Duos, or Squads. Pick whichever mode you are most comfortable with.

Sharky Shell is the small island north of Coral Castle. The location used to be known as The Shark but has since been renamed to Sharky Shell. As the name suggests, the island is easily identified by the giant rock in the shape of a shark’s head protruding from it. You can’t miss it. 

As for strategies, play as passive as possible. Any encounter with enemy players has a chance to go south, no matter how good you are. As long as you avoid fights, you won’t be eliminated early. Stick to the outskirts of the map, only moving in with the Storm. Don’t take any unnecessary risks or bring attention to yourself. Players that follow these steps should be able to reach Top 25 with ease.

Fortnite Challenges Week 9

Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (1) - 25,000 XP

The hardest part about this challenge is finding a Bandage Bazooka. Bandage Bazookas take up two inventory spots and are most commonly found in chests. Vaults, and Supply Crates.


Once equipped, Bandage Bazookas can be shot at teammates to heal them. As one may expect, this challenge is ideal for squads and Team Rumble. In squads, teammates can take turns damaging themselves via the Storm or fall damage. Just keep healing each other back up, and you’re good to go. The Bandage Bazooka will regenerate ammo infinitely.

Team Rumble is a bit of a safer option. If you die, you won’t lose the bazooka. Fire away at one of your many teammates to heal them. One game as the team medic should be enough to complete this challenge.

Knockback opponents with Shockwave Grenades (1) - 50,000 XP

This challenge shares the same traits as the one above — it’s tied to RNG. Players will need to find Shockwave Grenades before they can even attempt this challenge. 


It’s best just to play the game normally and hope to run into Shockwave Grenades. There’s no guaranteed way to acquire them, so stressing over it does no good. Once acquired, don’t miss your opportunity. Have the Shockwave Grenades ready. As soon as an enemy gets close, open the fight with a Shockwave. It’ll be much easier to knock back an unsuspecting enemy than a player actively fighting and building.

If you struggle to accurately hit your Shockwaves, try out Team Rumble. In Team Rumble, players keep their inventory on death. Here you can take your time and make sure to get the most out of each Shockwave Grenade.

Fortnite Challenges Week 9

Deal damage to opponents at Sweaty Sands (500) - 25,000 XP

Week 9 wraps up with a Deal Damage challenge. Players must deal 500 total damage at the Sweaty Sands POI.


This challenge goes hand in hand with the Elimination challenge category. It’s best to target this challenge early in the week, as that is when most players will be at Sweaty Sands. Hot-drop in, grab a weapon, and take shots at any enemy players you see. Dealing 500 damage is equivalent to two fully shielded players and one unshielded player.

If you’re behind on challenges, consider pairing this challenge up with challenge #1 from Week 8. Week 8 asked players to search seven chests at Sweaty Sands. This offers a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Open chests in Sweaty Sands and use the weapons inside to deal damage. 

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.


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