Fortnite Players Beg Epic Games For Changes To Building

Fortnite Players Beg Epic Games For Changes To Building
Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


12th Jul 2021 13:36

Can we fix it? Yes, we can. Fortnite fans are appealing for Epic Games to overhaul the way the battle royale shooter works and introduce a new feature that changes building in-game. Now, players are suggesting a way to tag which structures you've built.

Unlike big rivals like Call of Duty: WarzoneVALORANT, and Apex Legends, one of Fortnite's unique features is the ability to build. Whether you hate building or not, it's here to stay. However, just like things evolve with every season and weapons/vehicles get vaulted and unvalued, could we see building tweaked as Chapter 2 continues?

What changed to Fortnite fans want to building?

Posting on Reddit, u/SirDuckDee shared their concept for a quality of life improvement with building. Things can get a bit confusing out there on the map, especially as the final circle closes in and we reach for the skies with our structures. Getting stuck in a labyrinth of builds is bad enough, but that's nothing compared to getting confused about what you built and what belongs to your rivals.

The suggestion is that the usual white flash of structures being built is replaced by a coloured tint to show who has put it there. Putting it simply, a blue tint would represent your wall, while red would represent their wall. 

It might only seem like a minor adjustment, but it was a popular idea that took off among the game's player base. One supporter wrote, "Yea this is genius. They should do this like the way they did traps back then but of course your version", while another added, "I've died so many times in box fights because of the edit button showing up for 0.2 seconds and me thinking it's my wall". A third simply wrote, "Improved clarity of which building pieces you own would be amazing. Epic please and thank you". 

Will Epic Games add changes to Fortnite building?

Epic devs are known to lurk on the likes of Reddit, so it is possible someone high up sees the concept. Then again, we shouldn't expect it to arrive immediately. We're not on the dev team, but imagine it would involve diving deep into the core code of the game to add what's a relatively minor update. There are plenty of glitches and other things to tackle first, so we doubt adding coloured walls will be a priority for Epic. 

Death by edit is a common complaint in Fortnite, but until a feature like the one outlined above is introduced, you're advised to keep your wits about you when trying to edit a build. Building in Fortnite remains a divisive feature, with pro and casual players alike sharing their frustrations at quick-fingered rivals building themselves a fortress of solitude in a matter of seconds. Will Epic Games introduce changes to Fortnite building? Watch this space.


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