Forget Garlic Bread, Turns Out Fondue Is The Most Powerful Food In Skyrim

Forget Garlic Bread, Turns Out Fondue Is The Most Powerful Food In Skyrim
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8th Sep 2021 13:16

We recently covered the story about how The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim fans were obsessing over garlic bread, as they believed it to be the game's most powerful food. Well, hold onto your butts, as we have been proven completely wrong - by our own readers, in fact. 

After we shared the article, we got lots of comments from you lovely lot, one of which struck a chord with a lot of people. And you know what? What are we if not receptive to new information. So Kevin Tunney, this one's for you. 

Kevin commented on our article, saying: "All the garlic bread does is cure all diseases, if we're talking powerful foods we should look at the Elsweyr Fondue. It's a little hard to make because it requires moon sugar, but it's great for mages. It boosts magicka regen by 25% and fortifies magicka by 100 points. However, if your dragonborn is a vampire with the necromage perk, it boosts the regen to 31% and your magicka is fortified by 125 points. Oh, it also increases the duration from 12 minutes to 18." 

Well. We'll be damned. He's right. According to ElderScrollsFandom, the properties of fondue are as follows: 

  • Regenerate Magicka: Magicka regenerates 25% faster for twelve minutes.
  • Fortify Magicka: Magicka is increased by 100 for twelve minutes.
  • If the Dragonborn is a vampire and has the Necromage Restoration perk, the effects are increased to 31% for magicka regeneration and 125 for fortify magicka, along with an increased effect duration of 18 rather than the normal 12 minutes.

Kevin got it spot on. Other GGRecon readers replied, with Jonathan LeMaster adding: "Wait. Hold up. You can actually make something with moon sugar? I know benefits are revealed when mixing ingredients together, but I did many failed potions with moon sugar... kinda gave up on the Alchemy tree!"

You've been missing out, Jonathan!

How Do I Get Fondue In Skyrim?

This is where the problems lie, you can't buy or sell moon sugar in Skyrim, as it's not legal in Skyrim. As a result, it's only available from certain vendors.

You can make fondue by combining:

    • Ale
    • Eidar Cheese Wheel
    • Moon Sugar

When it comes to getting the fondue, the best way to get it is a master-locked storage room in Fort Frostmoth, DR. Here, you can find all of the ingredients you'll need to make the fondue, and then some. ElderScrollsFandom says that at this place, there's 'a shelf contains several eidar cheese Wheels and ale bottles, and a barrel in the storage room contains several units of moon sugar'. You can also get moon sugar during the quests 'Supply and Demand' and 'I Done Got Thaned!.'

So What's The Deal With Garlic Bread In Skyrim?

Garlic bread is a lot easier to make (3 garlic, 1 butter, 5 bread), and restores 1 point of health, cures all diseases, and restores 220 points of hunger. So it very much has its benefits. 

One Reddit user commented on the above thread, saying: "The food in this game is actually really powerful. Vegetable soup gives you stamina regen, but it ignores the small period where your stamina doesn't regen when you run out, so you basically always have stamina. Spamming shield bash whilst eating vegetable soup is a good way to level block or just stun lock everything to death."

All we know is that Skyrim is one hell of a game. And garlic bread/fondue are top tier foods, no matter what world you live in. 


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