Sports Interactive has confirmed the long-awaited Football Manager 2021 Xbox release is coming to consoles on December 1.

15:33, 18 Nov 2020

Get ready to do a lap of the pitch because the Football Manager 2021 Xbox release has just been announced. Sports Interactive's latest game is moving with the times and proving you can make a game in the midst of a pandemic. In fact, Football Manager 2021 has even added a meta-commentary on COVID-19 into the way you manage your teams.

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the game's beta went live on Steam, and now, we know when you'll be able to (hopefully) score a goal on Xbox.


Football Manager 2021 Xbox release: When is it?

A 15-second teaser from the Football Manager 2021 Twitter confirmed it will be landing on Xbox on December 1. This puts it just a week behind the title's November 24 release. Importantly, this is the first time Football Manager will be getting an Xbox version in over 10 years. Safe to say, Microsoft is making the most of this monumental occasion with a whopping five different versions for Xbox owners.

Alongside the Windows 10 version for PC players, there's the Football Manager 21 Xbox Edition for Xbox Series X, X Box Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S. You can also connect using the Xbox Play Anywhere app to play on PC. It's great news that Sports Interactive has optimised its latest game for console, however, the company opted not to bundle a free Xbox edition in with PC.


When asked on Twitter, developers confirmed the PC and Xbox editions of FM 21 will be "separate entities" that require their own version. It's currently unclear whether you'll be able to transfer your saves between both versions. 


Football Manager 2021 Xbox release: What's different? 

For anyone asking what's different, the Xbox Edition is modelled on the Football Manager Touch experience, which is billed as a streamlined version of the classic desktop version. Sports Interactive had redesigned the game for optimal performance using an Xbox controller. The Xbox Edition will apparently compliment the PC version thanks to an improved matchday experience, new stats and analysis tools, trophy celebrations, and post-match hype. Finally, players will be able to jump into Online Career Mode, Fantasy Draft, and Versus Mode. What more could you want from a Football Manager game?


The only other big question is whether Football Manager 21 will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, Sports Interactive will keep you waiting with this one as it told eager beavers there's "no information on this at the moment". Oh well, at least we know we'll be able to sit in the director's chair when Football Manager 21 comes to Xbox on December 1. 



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