Big-brain plays from a young-brain player.

12:03, 17 Feb 2021

VALORANT's flashy aesthetics and animated agents have become somewhat of a hit with the 'boomer' generation of gamers, as well as attracting some of the old guards from titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

A variety of players have taken residence on Riot Games' newest FPS shooter, and those who have wielded expertise on mouse and keyboard have quickly excelled by scaling the ranks to Immortal or Radiant. 

With some of the next-generation of gamers entering VALORANT, one five-year-old gunner has been able to stand out from the rest, picking up a swift ace to clutch a 1v4.

Reddit user "SupaSnipeX" shared a clip of his preadolescent son "Foopa" playing on Icebox with Reyna. After picking up an early kill on Jett, the little menace went surging on the attack, optimising the use of the zipline to claim another victim before using Reyna's healing kit to retain full health. Avoiding a misplaced snipe, Foopa was able to hold down both remaining opponents advancing through the alleyway to clean up the round.

Bursting into a ball of excitement, Foopa cried "Daddy! Oh my gosh, I got an Ace Daddy", before running off to share his accomplishment.

Ace (1v4 Clutch) from 5 year old (adorable reaction) from r/VALORANT

The father took to Reddit to add some further context, saying that he has been playing video games since the age of one, when he could first handle a controller. Filtering over to mouse and keyboard at the age of three, Foopa "loves all games; but has fallen in love with VALORANT now".

"I can honestly say I coach the little dude and he is an excellent listener and incredible game sense", began the dad. Continuing, he said, "He loves when people watch him play.. he was banned on Mixer 2 years ago after going viral in a Fortnite video (due to his age), but I've been able to work out his stream on twitch as long as I am monitoring it and in the same room. He appreciates all your comments (he can read)!

Foopa has since blown up over most social media platforms, with many adult veteran players jibing that the five-year-old is already better than them.



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Image via Epic Games | SupaSnipaX | Reddit

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