With Call of Duty: Cold War coming in 2020, we look back at what CoD has already taught us about the Cold War

21:00, 09 Jun 2020

Call of Duty fanatics will know that the next instalment in the franchise will be Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Cold War. It is set to revisit some elements of the Black Ops 1 campaigns which involved protagonists Alex Mason and Frank Woods and will dive into the Cold War proxy wars, especially that of Vietnam. With the countdown on until the announcement of CoD 2020, here are five things we learnt about the Cold War from our previous titles.

#5 – “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

Black Ops 1 had arguably the best Zombies maps we’ve had so far, one of those being Five. A Zombie apocalypse set within the Pentagon featuring John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon and Robert McNamara, was a stroke of absolute genius. The map itself did have flaws, and I’ll never forget the ‘Doctor’ who will chase you across the map trying to steal your weapons. However, the idea was great, and whilst controlling JFK, the 35th American President could often be heard shouting ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’. This comes as a direct reference to one of history’s greatest speeches, and a hilarious double meaning. In a speech in Berlin, JFK spoke out about the erection of the Berlin Wall by the Soviet Union and declared that the US would defend their control throughout Berlin. Within this rally-cry, Kennedy claimed that ‘he was a Berliner’ (Ich bin ein Berliner) which was received with huge applause in East Germany. Overall, this speech was a huge success within Germany, however, the phrase had another meaning in the west of Germany. Ich bin ein Berliner was also translated to ‘I am a doughnut’, creating one of the greatest accidents in history.

#4 – The Guerrilla Tactics of the Viet Cong Army

Within Black Ops 1, you visit Vietnam on multiple occasions. The first mission relays a huge inaccuracy of how the Viet Cong Army operated, however, later in the game you are treated to a great stealth mission in which you weave through Viet  Cong bases, and underground tunnels, truly showing off why the Viet Cong Army was so successful. The Vietnamese would often rig their land with tunnels and booby traps to catch advancing troops off-guard and would often use trees and tunnels to conceal themselves to ambush advancing troops. Using their knowledge of their own country to perfection, the Viet Cong Army went down as one of the strongest forces in history.

John F Kennedy & Fidel Castro Portrayed in 'Five' in Black Ops 1

#3 – The Bay of Pigs

In one of the first missions, you are taken to Cuba to assassinate Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution, covertly funded by the US Army. Whilst operating as Mason and Woods, you controlled US forces to locate Castro and eliminate him, which was a motive of the USA during the revolution. Although the ending of the mission where you eliminate a Castro lookalike was far fetched and not a true representation of what happened, you are shown what the revolution would have looked like. It does depict a failed attempt at Castro’s life which was the ultimate outcome and introduced Call of Duty fans to the heights of the conflict during the Cold War.

#2 – Gulags and Prisons of War

After being captured in the Bay of Pigs, Alex Mason is captured in Vorkuta, a Soviet Gulag (Prison of War also known as Vorkutlag). This mission showed what the prisons were like, despite the uprising which you play through. If you ventured into this mission on the Veteran difficulty, you would have realised how severe the lockdown on the prisons was. Many US servicemen were captured during the Cold War proxy wars and sent here, alongside some remaining WWII prisoners.

#1 – Nuclear Warfare Tensions

One of the main causes of the Cold War was the threat of nuclear warfare, and this is depicted throughout Black Ops 1, albeit rather fancifully. The Nova-6 gas that was prominent throughout Black Ops 1 wasn’t a true reflection of the Cold War, however, it was the threat of nuclear and chemical weapons alike that resulted in a lot of tension between the Soviet Union and the US alongside their respective allies. Alongside the arms race, the threat of nuclear and chemical weapons was rife, with both sides developing devastating weaponry. Black Ops 1, in their own way, managed to showcase nuclear and chemical tensions creatively.

With Call of Duty Cold War due to be announced in the near future, there will be more stories to be told, and we honestly cannot wait.

Image via Black Ops 1 Screenshot | Treyarch | Activision

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