That’s right, Rogue finally won a Regional Event after a whole month of showing that they could take series off the big four.

19:30, 03 Feb 2021

They’ve been teasing it for weeks, there were consistent hints that they could pull it off, and now it has wide-reaching implications. That’s right, the Winter Majors are just around the corner with their huge double points allocation. Before that though, here’s my last list of Standout Players for the Regular Season, including a team that has been teasing their potential for weeks, has consistently shown hints that they could pull off a win and has totally changed how people perceive North America.


Rogue finally won a Regional Event after a whole month of showing that they could take series off the big four (Rogue had to play three of the four in the Regional in fact). They didn’t always look comfortable on their way, having to make over five saves per game as a team, but whenever they had an opportunity they made the most of it. Taroco was personally responsible for at least a goal or assist per game, while contributing a near enough average number of saves for the team. The Canadian’s well-roundedness has served him well, but not as much as my next player.


Look who’s back! The Peeps made top six at the Regional and AYYJAYY was the player dragging his teammates kicking and screaming through the lower bracket. He’s one of the five players who tied for first at exactly one goal per game, and AYYJAYY also had an assist every other game on average to back it up. Everyone will probably attribute The Peeps run to this… this, err… I have no words...

...but with a shooting percentage well in excess of 30, I’m confident in saying AYYJAYY and The Peeps had it in them to take this overtime anyway.


Don’t say “Who?” These guys have been around for a while, and are almost the same team that qualified for and then got removed from the 2020 North American Spring Series. Kraziks’ 3.11 shots per game puts him just outside the top ten overall and best on his team. His goals and saves per game were also a little higher than those of his teammates. A final placement of fifth-sixth was deserved by this side in which all the components were pulling some of the weight.


For my next player I’m making a brief trip down to South America. Noble esports, for the mostpart, have been off the radar since the new year, but with an incredible win over True Neutral in the second South American Regional, they’ve skyrocketed to second place in the split. A huge 3.42 shots per game coupled with a goal per game and 2 assists ever three games makes for a force to be reckoned with, but nothing quite like the clip machine I’ve got topping my list...


The threat is very real, and it can definitely make you hurt with plays like these.


Whether man or machine, firstkiller was putting up massive numbers over the course of the Regional: 2.56 saves per game, the most of any player that reached day three, exactly one goal per game, tied at the top with AYYJAYY and others and the second highest shooting percentage of any player at the event at 37.78%. Firstkiller, without question, is my final Standout Player of the Week of the Winter Split regular season.


You’ll have to wait a long, long time for Firstkiller to set foot on the field again, but the Oceanic Major starts at 1am GMT on Saturday morning and is closely followed by the South American Major the following week. In the meantime though, stay tuned at GGRecon for more news, interviews and features!



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