First The Last Of Us Footage Shows Ellie And Joel Together

First The Last Of Us Footage Shows Ellie And Joel Together
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15th Oct 2021 09:54

The spoilers are coming thick and fast, as filming is finally underway on Craig Mazin's The Last of Us series. Adapting Naughty Dog's acclaimed survival horror from 2013, The Last of Us is pitched as a faithful retelling of the source material - with Game of Thrones alumni Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal taking the lead.

Production is ongoing in Canada, with The Last of Us targeting a 2022 release date. While security is tight, there's been a slow trickle of mould-infested leaks. Forget blurry photos of Pascal wearing a mask, we've got our first footage of Ellie and Joel together. Albeit blurry footage.

What does the first The Last of Us footage show?

Although it's shot from above, the footage confirms The Last of Us will be keeping close to the games. We've been told time and time again by Naughty Dog Neil Druckmann that this would be the case, but still, it's nice to see it in action. 

In the snippet, we see Ramsey, Pascal, and Anna Trov (who will be playing Tess). It's only brief, however, features the trio walking through a deserted neighbourhood. Recent set photos have shown that HBO has spared no expense in turning Alberta into an apocalyptic wasteland of Austin, Texas.

For those who've played The Last of Us, the crux of the story involves Joel trying to escort Ellie across this barren land. This scene takes place in the 20-year time jump since Joel has lost his daughter - with society continuing to crumble. No spoilers here, but we're guessing this will come toward the start of the series. 

When will we see more from The Last of Us?

Sadly, none of the above is an official look at the dynamic duo in action. So far, HBO has only shared a brooding shot of Ramsey and Pascal from behind. Even though it looked like it was pulled directly from the games, it still managed to divide fans. 

With filming clearly galloping forward, we'll keep you up to date with the various leaks (whether official or not). We don't know how someone managed to get the footage, but we're imagining security is airtight on The Last of Us. Come on HBO, give us a proper look at the pair in peril. 

Remembering HBO's acclaimed legacy with the likes of The SopranosBoardwalk Empire, and Thrones, there's almost too much hype for The Last of Us. Netflix has hit it big with its own adaptation of The Witcher, and with live-action video game outings finally manage to turn around their questionable past, The Last of Us is one to watch. 


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