First Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay Revealed

First Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay Revealed
Rocksteady Games

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Tom Chapman


9th Dec 2021 10:00

It's squad goals AF, as Rocksteady has given fans a first look at the much-hyped Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League gameplay. Following the success of the Arkham trilogy, the acclaimed developer is back with a very different kind of superhero game.

Back in 2009, Rocksteady's second game burst onto the scene, with the lauded Batman: Arkham Asylum. After the OG swept the awards board, things got even bigger in 2011's Arkham City, then rounded off the story in 2015's Arkham Knight.

Although plans for a fourth game apparently fell by the wayside, the developer is back in this world of spandex-clad heroes and villains. Following the success of the Suicide Squad on the silver screen, Harley Quinn is ready to swing a mallet at her critics.

What Do We See In The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay?

Posting on Twitter, Rocksteady Creative Director and co-founder Sefton Hill hyped Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and gave us a morsel of a stinger. In the short clip, we see the titular squad of Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark running across rooftops.

They leap into the unknown, with Deadshot seeming to have a Boba Fett-inspired jetpack. Elsewhere, we see alien beings attacking the Metropolis skyline. In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, we return to the world established in the Arkham games, but this time, head to Superman's home of Metropolis.

Here, the villainous Brainiac has brainwashed Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash, with Wonder Woman being the only member of the Justice League unaffected. The Suicide Squad is recruited by Amanda Waller to take out these superpowered slaves. Batman is presumed 'dead' in this world after Arkham Knight, but we're still expecting a cameo.

As you can imagine, the glimmer of gameplay set the internet alight. One fan gushed, "Do you realize how much did you bring into gaming Sefton? Arkham series are SO WELL WRITTEN, it's made so good that I don't know Batman fans can expect more. I really love @RockstarGames Thank you guys."

When Will You See More Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Gameplay?

Funny you should ask that. After sitting out all of this year's big gaming events and leaving a Warner Bros. Interactive-shaped hole in our lives at E3, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is expected to have a massive presence at tonight's (December 9) Game Awards.

If Rocksteady is there, are we also hoping for an update on WB Montreal's Gotham Knights? Hyping an imminent reveal, Hill wrote, "Can't wait to share the mayhem with you all!" Jumping on the Suicide Squad bandwagon, Geoff Keighley said, "As a huge @RocksteadyGames fan, I've been waiting a long time to show off what Sefton and the team have been working on!"

Following an announcement in August 2020, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has continued to drum up interest. Even though Rocksteady's rumoured Superman game might not come to pass, who knows what the future holds for the franchise?

It's been six years since we last smashed the Batmobile into the rich and colourful world of Rocksteady's Arkhamverse, but with more heroes, more villains, and a proper interpretation of dark Superman (thanks Zack Snyder), we've broken free from the confines of that crumbling asylum and into a whole DC universe.


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